Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Ramble 10/1

In some cases, these are the "tolerant" people capable of trampling each other to death at Walmart.  So whatever symbolic forms of tolerance that they have, as far as getting Walmart to change their bathrooms for transexuals or what not, it will probably be equally cheap.  Cheap credit, cheap fuel... plastic people. 

On the other side, note the Golden Dawn in Greece after global bankers were done partnering with corrupt politicians to trade in "money"/debt and so forth there.  They seem quite concerned with Mother Nature and gay rights and "blue state" or "sex in the city" type issues, don't they?  Next thing you know they'll probably be concerned about a "war on women" too.  

Look at the whole picture, every time a governor like this apparent idiot Markell does something stupid or wastes wealth, he's actually the enemy of "gay rights."  No matter how much propaganda there is or how new the idea of gender bending in "blue states" in cities that are close to epicenters of political corruption and the banker's symbolic ponzi... there will be no getting around basic biosocial facts unless you have a free energy device up your sleeve, etc.  There is nothing new under the sun.  It's all happened before in other Empires.  And it's already begun happening again in America, for all its might and the tribute flowing toward Pax Americana and so forth. 

If an Empire is like an organism then it will have a certain lifespan, generally based on energy availability/consumption and the internal integrity in its cells or DNA and so forth.  But like many of the Founders said... why not slow the process down and balance it out? 

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