Thursday, October 10, 2013

Metabunk 10/10...meh.

For example, I wouldn't be as likely to imagine the whole 9 "11" event as a huge ritual involving or invoking a collapse of the Two Pillars of civilization upon which the current Right/Left paradigm rests and so forth.  Instead I could try to imagine that it's just happenstance and I'm inventing a story/theory, due to the technical details being out of sync.   There again, I could just invent a new theory to fit the technical details too.  If it wasn't occultists interested in Zion and the Two Pillars of Solomon's temple incorporated in the event on this side of the heavens, then one could say that the Devil himself saw to it that the ritual was completed. (Talk about demonizing your opponents, huh?)

But it's hard to even begin to tell what supposedly "fits" different theories and scenarios when scientists don't do their jobs at a base or basic level.

I see your and Mick's perspective on it, I think.  From my perspective on what I can only imagine is your perspective, the irony is that it may not really matter if the shear studs and all the technical details are there or not.  Consider that it's possible that the NIST report could be the equivalent of the work of crackpots engaged pseudoscience, yet that would not decentralize your central argument and overall view of the world.  Like me, you could just invent another story/theory in which the NIST report wouldn't matter. 

But everyone wants the mantle of science or repeatable and observable regularities, as knowledge of what the masses perceive as scientific is the epistemic gold standard in a world ruled by the Wizard of "Oz."   

 (It took me a few weeks to change my overall view of the world based on the science of WTC 7.  I could be wrong.  And it's not like I even wanted to change my worldview or allow "911" to collapse the Right/Left paradigm in the first place.  Unfortunately the lie seems to be wrapped all around the truth, so one just climbs up a bit to the next layer of lies.  Or if one gets rid of demons, then they come back in sevens.  Anyway, I like to think that I could change my mind back again.  But... not based on the NIST report or anything I've seen on Metabunk yet.)     

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