Friday, October 11, 2013

Self censorship.. actually, I'll stick with that for now.

In any event, the nerd can never be the bully because they're always the victim.  So that's the end of it, unless people realize that the nerd is usually being a bully too in their own way. Sort of like Chertoff (Talmudic mentality, "victim") making a lot of money trying to find WMDs in the underwear of Team America, World Police later.  After all, Team America might be a bully too...  as other dual citizens in charge of American "national security" while trying to disarm the American people and so forth apparently believe. 

Apparently any time Westerners want their underpants checked for WMDs, they better have a special relationship with those put in charge of doing it.. huh?   

To show you how far the mentality of supremacy through spiritual/mental manipulation and the idea of special victimization goes, I just realized that I was self-censoring.  To be clear, the Zionists and their PNAC/neocon collaborators and so forth are responsible for guiding the imperial bully into war.  As far as WMDs goes, it's the same type of people responsible for the anthrax attacks.  That's why they never found the "mobile weapons labs" and vials of anthrax in Iraq but they did find out that "Death to America, death to Israel" emerged from America's own military industrial complex, despite Collin Powell being trotted out.  Fortunately the brainless "bully" of the world was barely stopped (despite the best efforts of AIPAC) from going into Syria/Iran looking for WMDs in Assad's underpants and perhaps Iran's "yellow cake" or whatever too.        

[quote]It just doesn't make sense and like I said before, a new investigation will be a waste of time, money and human resources.[/quote]

That's probably true.  But that doesn't mean that people have to play pretend on the internet that the scientific evidence isn't what it is or that the most likely explanation based on both the technical details and the "big picture" evidence having to do with means, motive and opportunity isn't what it is too.  If the technical details of NIST's simulation of an investigation are wrong or falsified by all these engineers coming forward and so forth, then people are going to begin to stumble over or toward the big picture... and then turn away or pick themselves up and carry on as if nothing happened, most likely. 

Perhaps a good saying for most truthers:  "You want the truth?  You can't handle the truth!"   That's probably a good saying for me too, yet I keep looking. 

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