Monday, September 30, 2013

Ramble 9/30

It's just that it was prevented by the reaction of the American people to Obama's plans and Israeli assets like the McCainiac* and Graham couldn't pull it off.  They went as far as they could.  (E.g. Graham threatening his constituents with nukes, etc.)

Apparently we still matter and we can't all be spied on or have the FBI/NSA/etc. stuck on us.  No word yet on when Barrett Brown will be released by the thugs and scum that tend to inhabit the military industrial complex being built up by the petrodollar these days though, huh?

Maybe the whole Syria/Iran show didn't happen because execution without trial for being a "traitor" is apparently legal and Zionist dual citizens got too scared to try another false flag.  Who knows.... what's a traitor, again?

*I think it's interesting that McCain's father was apparently instrumental in covering up the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty.  Corruption breeds corruption, apparently...  

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