Friday, October 11, 2013

Anthrax attacks

Remember the WMDs found in America in the "death to America, death to Israel" attacks though?  Those were the days.  How could they use those "Mossad says that they met with Iraqis here."  WMD attacks as a pretext for war and then"find" the anthrax that Iraq was supposed to be blamed for when it had already been traced back to America's own military industrial complex? People say that they don't believe in conspiracies because they'd be too hard to pull off successfully.  But then when there is evidence that they were not pulled off successfully, well.  Not that most lemmings actually know anything about anything due to the corporate media.

Anyway... Collin Powell was probably pretty disappointed, given that the groundwork had already been laid with his little vial of anthrax and the "mobile weapons labs," etc. 

Good argument from your perspective, though.... it's just that you're lacking an overall view of all the evidence as to why lies about WMDs have been told. Apparently the world is on to it all now, so Russia's late response: "He just said people could investigate?  Ok, let's investigate!"  But that's no thanks to people within America and Britain that believe in their corporate/"mainstream" media.  

Anyway, at least the "bully" apparently got tired of the WMD technique and didn't try to go into Syria/Iran looking for WMDs too despite the best efforts of AIPAC and dual citizens.  Maybe there's only so many times Zionists can lie about or seek to profit from there supposedly being WMDs in the underpants of everyone else, etc.  (Chertoff, Rapiscan Inc....  "underwear bomber".  Seriously.  A bra bomber would have been better.  Just saying.)  In a way, I guess refusing to go to war based on lies is dangerous.  After all, they might do another anthrax attack with a little note on it: "From, Assad.  P.S., please bomb me." and so forth.

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