Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Official story

[quote="Hitheycallmejosh, post: 71903, member: 2045"]Right, gotcha.  Is there any possibility if there were a bomb, the evidence would have been destroyed beyond recognition in the collapse?[/quote]

With respect to the evidence, keep in mind who was managing the investigation and anyone that might have been able to find the evidence that no one was looking for due to the official story being released before the official investigation began:
[ex]...Giuliani engineered a confrontation with the New York firemen, both to divert public attention from his tampering with the evidence, and also to neutralize the potential of the firemen, the one group which might have denounced the presence of controlled demolition charges in WTC 1, 2, and 7, of which, as we have seen, they were well aware. 
...the firemen posed perhaps the greatest immediate threat to the 9/11 myth upon which the oligarchy had staked so much. The obvious campaign of psychological warfare against the firemen, therefore, was of world-historical importance.  ... 
   On October 31, Halloween, Giuliani decreed without any meaningful consultation that there would be an upper limit of 25 firefighters on each shift at the WTC pile, along with 25 New York City policemen and 25 Port Authority patrolmen. Soon “the rescue workers were up in arms. Stories went around that we had simply given up on finding bodies; that the mayor wanted to speed the cleanup so it would be finished before he left office; that we had recovered gold from the trade center and didn’t care about anything else. . . . Union officials started telling the workers we were haphazardly trucking everything to Fresh Kills–a ‘scoop and dump’ operation.” (Van Essen 265) Langewiesche defends the Mayor’s justification of cutting the firemen’s representation on the pile: “when Giuliani gave ‘safety’ as the reason for reducing their presence on the pile, he was completely sincere.” (Langewiesche 161) .... 
   In mid-October, an audience of firemen, policeman, widows, and orphans loudly booed several members of the Giuliani administration, but also Senator Hillary Clinton and a local Democratic politician. (Van Essen 258) On Friday, November 2, Giuliani was able to harvest the results of his provocations. In the morning, more than 1,000 firemen came together at the WTC. Their chants included: “Bring the brothers home! Bring the brothers home!,” “Do the right thing!,” “Rudy must go!,” and “Tom must go!,” a reference to Fire Commissioner Thomas Van Essen, a Giuliani appointee. Their signs read, “Mayor Giuliani, let us bring our brothers home.” Speakers denounced Giuliani’s hasty carting off of wreckage and remains to Fresh Kills as a “scoop and dump” operation. ...
   This scene soon degenerated into an altercation between the firefighters and the police guarding the site, and then into a full-scale riot. Twelve firefighters were taken to jail, while five policemen were injured. Giuliani had gladly sacrificed the 9/11 myth of national solidarity to the needs of his campaign of psychological warfare and provocations against the firemen.
(9/11 Synthetic Terror  Tarpley, Webster Griffin (2012-04-12))[/ex]  Not that anything really matters when the "official story" can be released before WTC 7 had even collapsed in an unprecedented way, yet people want to believe it.

At some point you're dealing with people that will believe anything. 

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