Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Well, I was going to say that even if people have begun selling the parking meters and the roads because they don't have enough "money"/debt... at least they haven't begun selling the schools to corporations formed out of a pyramid scheme of ponzi. Yet, they have.

[quote="Alhazred The Sane, post: 72719, member: 15"]Don't guess or speculate on what someone wrote, and that I replied to; go back and follow the thread. Before you interjected your weighty piece my contribution was just a response to the Swedish gent who considered no government to be better than government. I disagreed. We had no need to get 'Hidden Hands' or Praetorian Guards involved at all.[/quote]

Here is what was written: 
[QUOTE]Someone else already asked where funding for our roads, schools, etc, would come from.
In this thread? I didn't spot that. Did anyone answer?

#6. And no, no one answered[/quote]

Where do you suppose that the funding to build the roads is coming from now?  

The fact that the roads and the parking meters and the schools are now being sold to multinational corporations formed out of and financed by the banker's New World Order Inc. form of pseudo government that is itself being formed of the ponzi and by the ponzi should act as a hint.  Is the Fed public or private?  Is the "money" that they're creating to fund the roads money that's needed for more public works and wealth creation... or a form of "national debt" that should be avoided?

With respect to the Praetorian Guards/Secret Service, note that they've been put in charge of policing "counterfeiting" of the ponzi that has pictures of dead presidents that have been assassinated on it.  (Or had assassination attempts against them, while all evidence points to the international banksters and their secret societies.)

It would be a big joke and a great comedy, if the assassinations and the levels of poverty and so forth caused by bankers weren't so tragic.  With progressive dupes and Democrats that reject their founders and traditions of populism (William Jennings Bryan, Andrew Jackson, etc.) in order to tolerate hopium and change like this while refusing to represent an authentic Left or the interests of the people, who needs someone like Paul Ryan posing with his hidden hand on the Right while lecturing about how the international "markets" will react to Democrats spending more debt/money? 

Markets = too big to fail bankers.  That will probably become more apparent as the abject failure of modern progressivism, progresses.

With respect to where the funding for roads would come from, it could be created out of nothing by elected representatives closer to a local level instead of by being created out of nothing and lent into existence to governments by global bankers.  Or they could raise taxes, like honest politicians.  (Wait, oxymoron)  Or other scenarios.  But the way things are now, even if you borrow enough money into existence to "fund our roads and schools" you'll probably find yourself selling it all back to multinational corporations later anyway.  (Parking meters and roads are already being sold and incorporated into the New World Order Inc., still waiting on the schools...  just kidding.*  Seriously.) 

As progressives, you can't just let bankers create money out of nothing (While two towers collapse in the background that you also can't put two words together about, in general.) and expect to be able to shift or redistribute it back around according to Marxist redistribution schemes that are already incorporated in the same old pillars of the Masonic banking systems anyway.    

*SHEBOYGAN, Wis. — A growing number of cash-strapped cities and schools are selling naming rights to parks, gyms, locker rooms and even the principal's office.
Kitchens at two high schools here will soon be called the Kohler Credit Union kitchens, thanks to a $45,000 donation. The cafeterias are up for grabs for $300,000.

Cities and schools can get one-time payments in excess of $500,000 for naming big facilities. Schools have been selling the rights for several years, and now an increasing number of cities are joining the trend, says Larry Foxman of the National League of Cities.

Chicago is accepting bids to name the freeway now called the Chicago Skyway. Washington, D.C., considered selling naming rights to its subway stations. Las Vegas sells naming rights for its monorail.

Dean Bonham, CEO of the Bonham Group, a sports marketing company that negotiates naming rights, says the deals work for schools and cities because "it costs them nothing to create this revenue." For companies, it's "the best marketing platform available."  USA Today

Again, it's relatively simple. You can't let a small group of people begin creating money out of nothing as a debt to lend at interest while pretending that's the equivalent of elected representatives creating money out of nothing and spending it into existence on infrastructure and so on and so forth. See, I added the and so on there to create some vagueness for you to fill in with your imagination.... supposedly.

At least discussing things with progressives has some entertainment value.... Kokesh may not be your enemy, your enemy is already shaping your entire way of life and preventing you from having representation on the Left.  Because whatever a supposedly Leftist or "Marxist" politician serving Masonic bankers is supposedly giving based on public funding with their left hand, they're secretly taking away from the public with their right. 

"....when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing..."  --Jesus

There again, He was betrayed by the banker of the twelve and descended into chaos or the abyss when there were eleven.  It's all supposedly just archetypes and symbolism, except when it isn't. (E.g., 911)   

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