Saturday, October 26, 2013

Metabunk comment (10/26)

Look at you, all concise and no rambling. ;)
Bang on target... solid debunk upon solid debunk.

I can hardly believe the audacity when people allege AJ is anti semitic... as his wife is Jewish. :rolleyes:
Not to mention that according to racists and actual anti Semites, he's part of a Jewish conspiracy for that reason.
Probably worth noting that if there was no Alex Jones or "Storm Clouds Gathering" as rapidly growing media outlets for criticizing the oligarchs and bankers in general, then people might turn to the fascists and their ideas.  Especially in the case of any collapse due to the whole process of the way that money/debt is currently being created out of nothing by occultists and Talmudists and so forth. Evidence, facts = Greece. I cite evidence, unlike a progressive that probably sees vague "tinges" of Antisemitism in Alex Jones because they've never actually argued with or dealt with Antisemitism in reality.

Apparently it was after Wilhelm Marr invented the pseudo scientific term "Semite," which was after oligarchs and international bankers claiming to be Jews and supporters of Zionism were done with Germany. "Judea Declares War on Germany" Etc. I wonder if they're about to declare war on Greece collectively, as Jews. I can only imagine Jewish peasants there in that case: "Oh crap, they said that we just declared war on Greece. That's great.  I didn't declare war here, did you?" I hope the oligarchs and Zionist media outlets cut back on the headlines for the sake of Jewish peasants that actually have to live in other places if they decide to declare war anywhere again.

Shrug. The longer people sit around trying to say that Jones is supposedly "antisemitic" instead of dealing rationally with some of the issues that he probably can't be debunked on, the worse the inevitable "correction" to increasing amounts of corruption in America will be. Because if corruption is not revealed by the media, then it will be revealed by infinite amounts of ponzi and symbols of debt/money colliding with a finite globe and the math and physics of which the real world is composed. It's a mathematical and physical certainty. Globalists say that won't happen because it's not a zero sum game, like Mr. "New World Order" Biden recently. There again, he said that they were planning to stimulate the economy with the MFer Global Corzine. And that went well, didn't it? Literally. He can't put two words together about the nature of banksterism and the Wizard of Oz at the end of the yellow brick road, so his silence says enough. They're either too dumb, literally, and therefore shouldn't be leaders. Or they're corrupt... and therefore shouldn't be leaders.

Jones is correct and cannot be debunked on the banking/ponzi aspect of it and New World Order Inc. front men like Biden, as far as I know.  That's fairly well documented. I'd be interested if anyone could debunk him on that or the whole process by which money/debt is being created out of nothing by international bankers in order to incorporate your children as collateral in the systems of debt/money that oligarchs trade with each other.

Actually, I think somewhere in this thread someone denied that the NWO even exists or something like that. If that's the case, then what have Biden and numerous other politicians and members of the ruling class been talking about when they keep saying: "We'd like to establish a New World Order. After all, we keep screwing the current one up with all of our ponzi." I don't get it. Maybe it's just the entertaining "ooga booga... scared yet!!!!!" framework or theories that Jones tends to put facts in. And then people go about their day to day life, they aren't scared, figure there's not much to fear... and then conclude that international bankers aren't actually looting the value of their economic language out from underneath them or that it won't cause "collapse" and so forth.

After all, life goes on... until that day when it doesn't.

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