Thursday, October 17, 2013

The truth probably doesn't matter to Christian Zionists, so I'll post this here.

They can pick any 10 of our federal leaders and we get Bebe.

Have you considered moving to Israel?  For instance, you could convert to Judaism and then you'd have a "Law of Return" where it turns out that there's no separation of religion and state despite all the lawsuits brought by Talmudists in America and so forth.  Because religion and the state can be totally mixed with racial or tribal ideas the Jewish state, apparently:
Return to the land of Israel is a recurring theme in Jewish prayers recited every day, three times a day, and holiday services on Passover and Yom Kippur traditionally conclude with the words "Next year in Jerusalem". Because Jewish lineage can provide a right to Israeli citizenship, aliyah (returning to Israel) has both a secular and a religious significance.
   For generations of religious Jews, aliyah was associated with the coming of the Jewish Messiah. Jews prayed for their Messiah to come, who was to redeem the land of Israel from gentile rule and return world Jewry to the land under a Halachic theocracy.  --Wikipedia
  Note this: "Because Jewish lineage can provide a right to Israeli citizenship, aliyah (returning to Israel) has both a secular and a religious significance." 

There's no secular/racial version of it, though.  Because all "Jewish lineage" means is that someone converted to Judaism, i.e. a religion, at some point in the past.

But the whole idea is falsely mixed in with racial/tribal ideas and imagery by some.  That would explain the sterilization of Ethopian Judaics by European converts due to the emergence of supremacist factions within an overall ideology of supremacy.  But that doesn't mean that you couldn't convert and seek to establish or find refuge in a Jewish state like Ethopian Jews too  After all, establishing Judaism is the only establishment or "imposing" of religion allowed these days.  An entire state for Jews, for everyone else and Americans attacked by Talmudists abusing the law... no religious/tribal/collective identity is allowed to even be expressed in the public square.

It's curious how when it comes to Judaism the truth of things usually doesn't matter, whether for a Christian Zionist or a Talmudist.  But when it comes to Islam, then everyone is pretty much a terrorist and it's ok to begin assassinating sixteen year old Arab kids without trial and so forth.

Why do Americans want to take sides on it?  Judaics do not necessarily share American's Constitutional values anymore than Muslim factions do, although they can both choose to put their ideologies of religious/tribal supremacy aside to live under the rule of law and the Constitution along with everyone else.  And with respect to their nations, they can both live according to the same standards.  (I.e. there shouldn't be a rogue nuclear state in the MidEast trying to find WMDs in the underpants of everyone else.) 

Becoming involved in the fights of supremacists of one sort or another is not in our interests as Americans.  If you want to become involved in that and like their leaders then convert to Judaism or find a Judaic ancestor in your lineage and move there. 

In any event, I'll grant the point about Netanyahu being a better leader than the corrupt degenerates and "pets" that are increasingly typical to the American oligarchy.  Imagine the pet/Coons and Harry Reid as commandos put in charge of ethnic cleansing... and well, there you go.  It gives you some idea of why the Israelis usually get what they want from America as far as getting Americans to fight wars after "Death to America, Death to Israel." anthrax attacks that don't even go as planned and so forth.

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