Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Comment from Collusus

"Stormed" DC trying "to create a war."

AIPAC lobbyists call it "crisis initiation."

But given that over 90% of Americans are tired of trying to find WMDs in everyone's underpants, apparently it's becoming more difficult to create wars now.

It's also a documented fact that anti-Semites now routinely use "Zionist" and "global bankers" to make their rants more ... "appealing."

It's also a documented fact that I grew up refuting Holocaust deniers and real anti-Semites.  But that doesn't mean that I have to support the idea of a human sacrifice/holocaust in which the cabala's sacred six number has the magical properties of creating a "right of return" to Zion.  (I.e. Rothschild Zionism and occultism.)

A lot of peasants died in another war while "global bankers" and oligarchs like the Bushes continued to finance a debt and death paradigms for peasants, that's generally all that can be said of WWII. 

But it's the same bigoted bullsh**.

No it isn't.  Patrick Clawson, the person talking about "crisis initiation" and lobbying for it in the link above probably isn't even Jewish ethnically.  (Not to mention whatever Google employee apparently froze the hit counter on that video.) 

But he is an exceptional Zionist and seems to know all about how to use false flags in order to create wars for "global bankers" to profit from.  I mean, an expert in how to create "crisis initiation" of the sort that only conspiracy theorists would be suspicious of...  for the sake of "national security." 

It's one thing to oppose US action in Syria, Iran, or elsewhere; It's another to use terminology that would make Farrakhan proud.

I don't care what you call it.  Figure out your own way of identifying the problem with ideologies of supremacy linked to a fusion of race/religion and state then.   But don't deny that there's a problem with what has been going on thanks to "Zionists" and PNAC/AIPAC/neocons.

An AIPAC lobbyists have every right -- like any other lobbyist -- to try to presuade lawmakers to act in the interests that they wish; in this case, Israel's.

And when they're lobbying dual citizens, the interests of Israel and Israeli corporations may be put before those of America.  Apparently there are a lot of "special relationships" involved when it comes trying to find WMDs in people's underpants.  (E.g. Chertoff's Rapiscan, scam.)  

You say they want to start a war; they would say they're trying to prevent their annihilation.

Because their illegal nuclear weapons program is about to be blown up or leak radiation on Israeli peasants more than it already has...  or what? 

One could just as easily frame Talmudic factions with their ideologies of racial and tribal/ethnic supremacy and history of terrorism as one can frame Islamic factions for their type of the same thing.  That framing is merely a matter of media and Propaganda Inc., not reality and facts about the factions involved.

 What if Arabs or Muslim thought that Israel and the U.S. were trying to kill or annihilate them and cited "clash of civilization" scholars or extreme "preemptive war" factions in America to prove it?  Would you argue that gives them a right to preemptive war or a right to go into Israel to try to find their illegal nuclear weapons? 

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