Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Writing too much again....

Although, it doesn't really matter if this time a denial of basic biosocial realities is finally "real" or lasting as far as the mirage and the utopia of tolerance that's just over the horizon and over the rainbow where the banksters probably have a pot of gold stored for everyone too. Because if the whole nation goes into some type of arrested development and denial of basic aspects of reality (and emotions and feelings generally become the be all and end all of everything) that's usually a marker for the decline of civilization and "civil rights" anyway. Notice how you're supposedly getting more "gay rights" based on feelings just as the police state is bearing its fangs right up the street and begins violating everyone's civil rights in reality, equally. Shrug. This isn't rocket science. Like some of the Founders who didn't even necessarily agree with Christianity themselves sometimes said, it should still be promoted as a public myth or "publick religion" to lemmings... for the sake of maintaining American civilization, as Franklin put it. That was the arrogance of some of them, it's not my view. I'm still back with the lowly Jewish peasant Jesus and his claims about everything. But it is kind of ironic that modern progressives are trying to essentially extirpate "religion" from public life these days in the name of the Founders when Masonic Founders and builders* like Franklin basically took the opposite view and viewed "Christianity" as a good tool for them to use to be more successful "...than the Builders of Babel." *(Who reject the symbolic nature of the capstone that becomes their stumbling stone.)

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