Thursday, April 11, 2013

Financial terrorism...

At this point it seems to be a matter of government by and for multinational corporations based on financial terrorism and banksterism.  So we as Americans are just sort of their home base and enforcement arm for now.

Hopefully some wealth will trickle down on us, especially given that we're the people sending Team America, World Police everywhere these days...  and our misguided friends and family members in the military are often put at risk for the sake of protecting "American interests." (I.e. usually the interests of multinational corporations that often don't even pay taxes in America anymore, etc.) 

At this point, it's not even exactly clear that the petrodollar of the private banking cartel is really in our "trickle down" interests.  We could probably do better on our own at more of a local level with natural gas and other alternatives, etc... if there was any sort of local leadership to get things done in reality.  Ironically that would probably be better for the environment than shipping crude all around the world too. 

Too bad the American people don't really have much representation in our own "global" Government Inc., though.  And what we do have supposedly representing us against large corporations and the banksters (e.g. Democrats)...  is so corrupt, incompetent and captured that it's usually pretty much meaningless.  So we're left with Republicans and the military industrial establishment and neocons running wild? 

In any event, not sure what the Right is expecting government by some sort of otherworldly global government like "the U.N." to look like... after all, you're already pretty much governed by global multinational corporations and a global banking cartel anyway.  Right?  So enjoy the trickle down effect, until it's time to pay for it again.

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