Sunday, April 21, 2013

Conspiracy theories....

Beck probably has information that the Saudi is connected to some terror cell, or is closely tied in with the financiers Beck has repeatedly shown on his program. It is well known that this is what got Beck's show on Fox cancelled. The Saudis are a major source of funding for Fox News. They practically run the network, which focuses much of the attention on the enemies of the Saudis.The Tsarnaevs were recruited by multiple intelligence agencies, now a known fact. Who were they really aligned with? We might not ever know. Did the brothers really turn sides and become followers of the terror group they were supposed to infiltrate? Or were they still continuing to follow orders given to them by the FBI, CIA, Mossad, FSB, etc?Perhaps Monday morning Tamerlan Tsarnaev receives a call. He is to meet a Saudi in downtown Boston with his brother. He will receive two backpacks and will proceed to drop the packages at pre set coordinates. He is told they will be part of a staged bombing as part of a larger US government operation. The brothers do their part and go home, believing they did their job.From all reports the brothers went on with their daily lives like nothing happened. They didn't try to flee or try to hide. Living literally a few miles away from the bombing, not very good planning if you were trying to have an escape plan if you are caught. At home the brothers are eating a meal and see their faces plastered all over every channel. Seeing this they know the FBI already knows exactly where they are. The brothers drop everything and attempt to flee, knowing they are now dead men. They left a meal half eaten and somehow left their apartment with a huge arsenal of explosives, guns, etc, yet not one piece of ammunition or trace of explosive was found at their residence? Neither of them dropped one bullet in the mad attempt to get out of town? We are told they robbed a 7-11 for cash and killed a MIT security officer. Now there are conflicting reports as to whether or not they actually committed those crimes. All 7/11s have security cameras. Where is the footage of them robbing the store? The MIT security officer was killed in his car, shot multiple times, however the carjacked man was set free. The timeline of the robbery and the chase where Tamerlan was killed, do not match up.There are MSM stories claiming the police did not shoot Tamerlan, and he was killed by his own brother trying to flee the scene. The released morgue photo doesn't back up that story. From the looks of the photo it doesn't look like Tamerlan would have even been able to get a shot off. Perhaps Tamerlan got out of the car to confront the police, FBI, whoever was there and proclaim his innocence. As soon as he stepped out they opened fire. Seeing his brother shot, Dzhokhar takes off. How he evades the police at this point is a mystery. Perhaps the agents needed to make a call to figure out the next step. A botched operation going even further south. There was no police chase after Tamerlan is shot dead, no camera footage, no explanation of how he got away. How was this possible?An entire major metropolitan city is then locked down to find one wounded kid. He is found in a boat in an area that wasn't part of the lockdown a day later. That isn't fishy?The whole thing stinks. The entire world just witnessed the complete shredding of the constitution during a time of crisis and the people cheered. They saw militarized police terrorize a city and when it's over they jump on roofs with American flags draped over waving their shirts above their heads.If you need any other proof that America is dead, I don't know what else to show youl Sorry.... on a tablet... thought this was interesting.

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