Thursday, April 18, 2013

Indeed, indeed...

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Until 2008 I had only ever tried to be a productive member of society... I skipped college to invent things, started three business, employed 30 people in the US and another 100+ in China.
But then with that crash, I realized something had changed and I took it upon myself to learn how the world really works, because I sensed that my survival suddenly depended on it. After stewing on material like 0H, Atlas Shrugged, Chris Martenson, and /r/collapse for a year... I packed up, left CA, sold my nice house for a staggering loss, moved to the woods of Appalachia, and put in solar/garden/chickens.
I watch this shit going down now and it doesn't shock me any more. I watch how people respond with flags waving, and I understand it all now. I see it all coming... not the specifics per se but the overall endgame is clear to me and all I do now is hug my kids tight and nuke some popcorn.
Thu, 04/18/2013 - 02:30 | 3465263 AldousHuxley
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Until 2008 most people didn't know or question how the world worked...
Since then with help of internet, youtube, zerohedge, laid off ex-bankers, etc. helped world become smarter...

  • politicians lie to masses in order to achieve favor for the richest of the rich who can afford lobbysts
  • USA is not capitalistic and government still controls the economy and commerce
  • USA is an empire
  • USA is no longer #1
  • Money is #1
  • Power is #2
  • Elites are just extremely skilled at keeping the delusion of the meritocracy going and being lucky
  • cops are there to protect property of elites
  • universities are there to protect intellectual property of elites
  • USA is not a democracy...nor a republic...nor special....just a country lucky with plenty of natural resources and few people.

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