Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Still writing too much...

Interesting, local political blog: no apology necessary.

 Can't get away from it. I'm of a mind that people should be debating the actions of banksters a lot more. (As Sindy might note, that's something which will impact everyone. You might want to look into what the Constitution has to say about money, as long as you have it out.) It is interesting how the trends among lemmings always seem to align for an economic collapse as the birds of prey circle overhead, etc.

It's almost as if trends are being produced by the mass media sometimes.

 I begin here by briefly documenting the wider output of filmic representations of homosexuality in the period...
    No other films depicted homosexuality as unequivocally, centrally, or positively as these. Michael (1924), the story of the tragic love of a painter for his model/protégé, was a remake of the Swedish film Vingarne (The Wings, 1916); Der Fall des Generalstabs-Oberst Redl (1931) dealt directly with the Redl scandal. [a scandal involving blackmail and homosexuality] At least one of the several films dealing with Frederick the Great (Fridericus-Rex-Zyklus, 1922) pointed to his homosexuality, although all those dealing with Ludwig II of Bavaria managed to keep quiet about his. Though not the main characters, a lesbian and a gay man are central to the plots of, respectively, Die Büchse der Pandora (Pandora’s Box, 1928) and Geschlecht in Fesseln (Sex in Shackles, 1928), the latter worth noting — despite the fact that it ends unhappily for all concerned — for the tender physicality shown in the love between two men in prison. Gays are part of the ambiance of decadence in two of the Mabuse films (Dr. Mabuse der Spieler, 1921/2, and Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse, 1933) and in films, of which there were apparently many, like Nachte der Weltstadt (Nights in the Metropolis, 192?), where lesbians dancing together were shown as characteristic of urban night life. 
(Less and More than Women and Men: Lesbian and Gay Cinema in Weimar Germany by Richard Dyer
New German Critique, No. 51, Special Issue on Weimar Mass Culture (Autumn, 1990) :6) 

Yet... there wasn't a rainbow of love and tolerance just over the horizon due to the arc of history and Progress? "This time it will be different." As Zerohedge zealots only interested in building civilization and wealth for themselves might note, those are famous last words.

Note a recent headline from Greece due to the work of banksters: (Greece's Fascist Homophobes Have God and Police on Their Side by Laurie Penny)

Yet Lloyd Blanfein is in America marketing his support for same sex marriage instead of over there dealing with a real civil rights struggle created by Goldman Sachs and corrupt politicians.  Meanwhile, Americans seem intent on debating the nature of flowers and the theatrical production of being gay and happy.... in front of an oncoming freight train.  Sindy said that she's glad that the mass media and large corporations in America are basically on her side. Problem, trends change and they could care less about you and your family...  much less than a local church like Glasgow cares about you.  Seriously. 

Large corporations want more "record corporate profits" like they've had under Obama Inc. for now. And that's the extent of it.

Note, where did all those movie makers and producers of the mass media in the Weimar Republic go when their paper ponzi was stripped away by banksters?  Again, I wouldn't put too much stock in mass trends and the people capable of trampling each other to death at Walmart Inc., etc.  Their tolerance and "love" and their capacity to be slow toward "righteous" wrath and anger probably has about the same spiritual depth as the other products they're currently buying.

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