Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Good comment.. need to remember this pattern, as apparently the trend is that it is to be incorporated into our lives here and not just "over there" anymore.

Familiar Pattern: Hegelian Dialectic: Presented By The Financial Elite.
Create the problem (even though it does not exist), obtain a panic reaction, provide the preordained solution, which achieves their agenda. They fabricated the “Global Warming” problem, using the media they own, and elicited a panic reaction: Then they provided the aerosol spraying as THE “solution”, in violation of international law: Which held heat in at night that canceled cooling gained by the global dimming, and destroyed considerable ozone: Which made the “problem” actually occur, while poisoning us (and the earth), attaining their depopulation agenda, and making it so only the GMOs they own can be grown: Subjugating the world’s people under their control: While at the same time creating a new “problem” of rapidly melting ice caps and an arctic “methane expansion” problem, using Hegelian Dialect again: Obtain a panic reaction, and provide the preordained solution, which furthers their evil agenda again. Looking back further they used Hegelian dialect repeatedly to centralize production and suppress numerous technologies and inventions to lead us down the primrose path, and herd us to the point that they could falsely “create” the “global warming” “problem”, and implement their profligate plan to entrench their “New World Order”: Where they own everything and rule all under their despotic hand.  (Anonymous) 
The global warming part of it has been documented in army manuals, etc.  So... have banksters monetize the air and the crops and the trees....  and ultimately you too?  (Too late...  you're already $50,000 into the "national" form of THEIR debt/money.)  Wait a second, isn't nationalism and patriotism bad?  If so, then how are WE all responsible as a patriotic nation for THEIR and Jon Corzine's MFing GLOBAL legal tender?   

Got intelligence?  

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