Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Bitcoin... a few interesting ideas about it.

Anonymous says:
Mike, stick to your fruits and vegetables! Bitcoins are virtual gold currency that are cooperatively owned by all of it’s own possessors. In the Depression, the only people who made themselves some privately owned and rented Federal Reserve Gold Pharoah debt-owned FRN’s, and who were thus the only ones who prospered, where only those who bought into Homestake Mines and Dome Mines, gold Pharaoh mining stocks.
Now consider the difference! A stock is a government “registered” (controlled) instrument. It is monetized in inflatable currency that belongs and is controlled by a third, ennobled established-religious “gold hoarder’s fiat note printing party”. It pays meagre “capital gains taxed” dividends. When it is sold the difference (profit or carry-able loss) is also a “capital gains taxed” income. In time of war-communism any corporation can be nationalized for the benefit of the endless war-communism on alCIA-duh “effort”. Gold that is not already in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Bermuda or the Cayman Islands (the bankster Gold Pharaohs gold) can always be outlawed, seized or “lawlfully”(lessly) FDR force-devalued.
Now consider an invisible digital Bitcoin “virtual-gold round” it is a global currency that is wholly owned by it’s own possessors and users who only deal with one another. It pays constant dividends to all of it’s holders by constantly appreciating in value due to it’s gold-like rarity, as more adopt, use, save and/or trade in it.
Sure it has been planned to roll out as a bit of a “Virtual Gold Pyramid Scheme” but it is no different than the thousands of years of the old Gold Pyramid Scheme that preceded it. The old “Gold Pyramid Scheme” that so many still cling to, is a dead horse that has already been abandoned by both national economies (Bretton Woods) and by those who successfully used it in the past (1913) to buy themselves total control of the world’s national economies and the global economic marketplace…
BlueScreen says:
Now it’s Our turn!
BlueScreen says:
If you wanted to use gold as money you may as well use notes for paint chips fallen off of DaVinci paintings! In the end the “winning Pharaoh” with all the gold or paintings becomes your enslaver all over again! Since Joseph enslaved the Jews to Pharaoh in the famine, Gold has always been the problem, it’s never been the solution. It was the Tory Trotskyite Foreign Gold Pharaohs who created the FED to enslave us all to their rented “paper gold-debt notes” in the first place!
Bitcoins are the new virtual, encrypted, invisible, untraceable and anonymous gold. Most importantly, they are OURS and we all independently back and profit from them and their use and wider acceptance. They, unlike even national-socialist tokens (greenbacks) are the first TRULY HUMAN “globally freed market” labor exchange currency that pays all who exchange with it with it’s own added value!
Now, might some “winning-enslaver Bitcoin Pharaoh” emerge to enslave us all over again, with worthless notes he issues and rents to us for his Bitcoins? That is totally unlikely and near impossible because then the market for the utility-resource itself (bitcoin-gold) is gone as it’s “user-value” would also be. A round of Bitcoin-gold is a two party asset with no third party.
What will control the reserve bankstering (counterfeiting) of bankster-tokens for them is the only question.

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