Thursday, April 18, 2013

Conspiracy theory... but the idea of ancient "astro logic" being incorporated is interesting.

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Here's a warning from yesterday, before this explosion and the Obama ricin letter.  Wonder what else might be coming?
The Feast of Moloch is coming up on April 19-20.  On this holiday, Illuminati occultists may sacrifice children by fire in order to gain more power from the false flag.  They did it with Waco and Oklahoma City at the very least.*
Boston cops had a knee-jerk reaction to the old enemy (Arabs).  They didn't get the memo about patriots being the new Public Enemy #1.  Patriot's Day, tax day, gunpowder, Boston, exploding pressure cookers.  It's all very symbolic.  Whoever did it put a lot of thought into it, and is smart enough not to leave obvious tracks, but is not smart enough to realize that this bombing plays right into the government's hands.  It doesn't make sense for a real patriot to do this.  That's why I think it was a false flag and there will be another one on April 19.  TPTB don't want to catch the terrorist just yet.  Maybe this is the start of a Gladio-style "strategy of tension" with a long series of attacks (perhaps the ricin is part of this?)  The idea is to dominate the news for as long as it takes to browbeat the people into giving up the last of their freedoms. 
The patsy will be a conservative, nationalistic, white, Christian, veteran, Obama hating, middle class tax protester who selfishly wants to hoard metals and guns instead of giving them to Obama so he can help the poor children.

*See also: (The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual 
S. K. Bain )

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