Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Delaware Lemming... good riddance? Although I do like lemmings, cute.

Here’s the last bit of my rant on these 9/11 truthers. mynym is here ranting on about the banksters and the other people who have too much influence on the government of this United States and yet he is perfectly willing to believe that the government of this United States is going to be in the business of destroying the banksters very valuable assets as a false flag operation. Really?

Uh huh... check Larry Silverstein's insurance settlements...  etc.  Good thing he and his kids didn't go to work that day, huh?  And more than a few of the banksters got lucky that day too, given that the buildings with records of investigations into them and so on and so forth happened to be destroyed by the terrists.  As I recall, in the case of the Pentagon that was where the plane hit after Rumsfeld had announced that there was 2.3 trillion missing the day before.  And I bet they never found it afterwards either. 

It's not "the government" as some monolithic abstraction.  It's specific people and specific Zionist Inc. factions within the government that have essentially captured it.  Worth noting that according to the Talmud being read by some factions that they're allowed to shear and slaughter others for profit.  Duh.  This isn't rocket science.  Personally, I'd prefer it if we weren't caught between the Sharia Law of some factions and the Talmud of others.

We could always try being Americans, living in the land and minding our own business?  No, we have to build the One World Trade Center for globalists now... etc.

For some reason when people are blogging they slip into entertainment mode for the crowd (of a few people, relatively speaking).  I do too.

Shrug.  You can email me as an individual if you actually care about seeking the truth.  (Remove the underscores...) 

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