Saturday, January 29, 2005

A Wonder of the World, Intelligence...

It is something that those who want to exchange insight for sight often lack.

"98. Intelligence is a Hard Fact

The mistake of the materialist is to assume that intelligence is something observable in the same sense and at the same level as molecules and fields and to conclude that it’s non-existent if non observable. Everyone agrees that the activities of quantum fields cause changes that trickle up to the macroscopic level. But how is it that there is such a relationship between subatomic and atomic realms? How is it that there are different levels in the structure of material beings? How is it that there are different proper ties at each succeeding level? How is it that new properties start appearing in the world? Intelligence is a hard fact of living things and Nature as a whole, that is, if you think the laws of nature, the purposiveness of replication and the grandeur of energy, to name just three examples, count for anything. When you see a painting, by all means admire the polymers and pigments, but don’t remain at the ground level. It’s like saying that Macbeth is really just black marks on white paper or a collage of costumes, sets and people saying certain words from memory. This is not to see what the play really is. It is to entirely miss the play."
(The Wonder of the World:
A Journey From Modern Science to the Mind of God
By Roy Abraham Varghese :424)

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