Monday, January 10, 2005

Signs I can't read.

Currently on Carl's blog (my pal!) there is some discussion about the symbols and signs on the dollar bill.

In a recent comment on reptilian symbols I began thinking about the Founder's use of that and other symbols in America. I may do some research and see what patterns match, if any. It's tricky with the Free Masons. But for now, if someone wants to help out, they could research the symbols of the dollar bill.

Or maybe you already know and could help spread some knowledge around here. For I am just a simple fellow.



Anonymous said...

Here's what I found:

This site is explains the pyramid symbol on the back of a dollar bill in light of free mason symbols like the star of David and the pentagram. The way the symbolism is explained is interesting, but most of the claims are pretty out there.

The most important linkage to a free mason symbol on the dollar bill seems to be the all seeing eye above the pyramid. This symbol goes all the way back to Egypt, where it was used as an emblem for Osiris, or the Creator. I found various sites like the angelfire site that claim there is much more masonic symbolism in addition to the eye. However, some sites claimed that there is no linkage between free masonry and symbolism on the dollar bill.

The site claims, "It is a common misconception that the Eye of Providence and unfinished pyramid show the influence of Freemasonry in the foundation of the United States. Although Benjamin Franklin, one of the members of the original design committee for the Great Seal, was a Freemason, it appears he was not responsible for introducing the symbol and may not have been aware of it.

The first official Masonic reference to the Eye of Providence is in 'The Freemasons Monitor' by Thomas Smith Webb in 1797, some years after the Great Seal was designed. The Masonic use of the Eye does not incorporate a pyramid, although the enclosing triangle is often misinterpreted as one (even by many Masons)."

This site also states, "The August 20, 1776 report of the first Great Seal Committee describes the seal as 'Crest The Eye of Providence in a radiant Triangle whose Glory extends over the Shield and beyond the Figures.'"

"Providence" seems to directly imply the God of Christianity, but if this is what they meant to imply by the symbol, why did they use the all seeing eye which has it's roots in Egyptian mythology? Although it could refer to the trinity, the reference to Triangle also raises some questions. This next quote explains the origin of some free mason symbolism in which there is a reference to a triangle. "'The Sun and Moon,' says the learned Brother Delaunay of important Masonic symbols, 'represent the two grand principles of all generations, the active and passive, the male and the female. The Sun represents the actual light. He pours upon the Moon his fecundating rays; both shed their light upon their offspring, the Blazing Star, or Horus, the three form the great Equilateral Triangle, in the center of which is the omnific letter of the Kabalah by which creation is said to have been effected.'" (Morals and Dogma of Free-masonry, by Albert Pike, pp. 13-14.

Then again, I found something else that says, "...depictions of the Eye of Providence sometimes show the Eye surrounded by clouds. The later addition of an enclosing triangle is usually seen as a more explicit trinitarian reference to the God of Christianity." The fact that the eye on the dollar bill is a mix between the two is interesting.

I asked mynym to post some pics of what i'm talking about...

Some believe that there is a conspiracy in which free masons are attempting to create a New World Order; placing symbols on the dollar bill was just another victory of this new order. Note the words underneath the pyramid, "novus ordo seclorum" which are usualy translated as, "new order of the ages." They also point to such evidence as the layout of Washington D.C. An explanation of the symbolism involved in the layout of the city:

"'Take any good street map of downtown Washington, D.C. and find the Capitol Building. Facing the Capitol from the Mall and using the Capitol building as the head or top of the Compass, the left leg is represented by Pennsylvania Ave. and the right leg, Maryland Ave. The Square is found in the usual Masonic position with the intersection of Canal St. and Louisiana Ave. The left leg of the Compass stands on the White House and the right leg stands on the Jefferson Memorial. The circle drive and short streets behind the building form the head and ears of what Satanists call the Goat Of Mendes or Goat's head!

'Sitting on top of the White House is an inverted 5 pointed star, or Pentagram. It faces North, with the point down in true occult fashion. It sits within the intersections of Connecticut and Vermont Avenues north to Dupont and Logan Circles, with Rhode Island and Massachusetts going to Washington Circle to the West and Mt. Vernon Square on the East.

'The Pentagram or five-pointed star is, of course, both a Masonic symbol and the ancient symbol of witchcraft. With its point facing down (or south, when placed on the ground) it is especially associated with Satanism. Satanists can be found wearing the inverted pentagram frequently; and it appears on the cover of many black magic books, including THE SATANIC BIBLE. In this form, it is also the emblem of the Eastern Star, the women's Masonic organization.

'The center of the pentagram is 16th St. where, thirteen blocks due north of the very center of the White House, the Masonic House of The Temple sits at the top of this occult iceberg.

'The Washington Monument stands in perfect line to the intersecting point of the form of the Masonic square, stretching from the House of the Temple to the Capitol building. Within the hypotenuse of that right triangle sits many of the headquarters buildings for the most powerful departments of government, such as the Justice Dept., U.S. Senate and the Internal Revenue Service.'"

This next site shows a good picture of the city with an outline of the symbols in bold.

At any rate, it's all pretty interesting. I don't really see how putting symbols on things counts as a conspiracy to secretly create a 'new world order' but whatever. Since the free masons in America originated in Europe, I tried to find information regarding symbolism in other countries. It seems that the interest in a conspiracy is only in America, so I guess our country has too many people with too much time on their hands. (like me, hehe:) I did end up finding a very comprehensive history of freemasons.

If you haven't read a history, it's kind of interesting...if you look under the section entitled "The Great Lights" it is interesting to see the parallels between the ideals of freemasonry and our founding fathers.

Anyway, you can take all this or leave it...

My take on all this is that yes, the symbols are a link to freemasonry. However, it's not a conpiracy to secretly take over the world,:) but rather meant as a symbol of liberty under a new world order that is free. After all, the founding fathers were attempting to create a new world in which people could be free...and they weren't trying to be secret about it.


mynym said...

Hmmm, maybe you need another assignment.

This blog can become a crack team of researchers. We shall call ourselves, mynymians. I'll have to think of some secret symbols and things, though. Might take a little while....hmmm....

Anyway, I do not believe that the Founders were Illuminati, etc.

Masonry, I can only say something about one symbol. That all seeing eye is, no doubt, a symbol of the Free Masons. It indicates Providence, or the Architect. I probably won't go much further with this.

But in the interest of turning things back to the Nazis, the Nazis didn't like the symbolism:

"...a leaflet dropped in the streets of Paris which, on the outside, looked convincingly like a United States dollar bill, making it irresistable; unfolded; the leaflet was revealed as a diatribe against the evil and Jewish attributes of the dollar: the all-seeing eye of Jehovah, the eagle of Israel, and, of course, the signature of Morgenthau, “apparente aux grands requins de la Finance internationale.”
(The Development of Nazi Monetary Policy
By Martin Wolfe
The Journal of Economic
History, Vol. 15, No. 4. (Dec., 1955), pp. 393)

And what the Nazis didn't like, it's usually pretty safe to invert and like.

I bet you didn't think I could turn that into something about the Nazis. But I did!

Yes, there are some odd symbols and things in America. Like building an obelisk....but I am not that concerned about it.