Saturday, January 15, 2005

Alfred Kinsey...

(The New York Times Dec 31, 1949. p. 26)

Kinsey....and would you just look at the science of that? That is the sort of science that journalists are typically more than happy to report and for leftist judges to cite in their decisions.

Note the mention of Guttmacher, he and religious hedonists like Kinsey never have had much use for sound science. Kinsey used pseudo-science, taking surveys of people in prison and then pretending that his sample was the average American so that his results could be taken to represent them in general, etc.

That is the sort of thing which ignorant journalists dutifully report to the public, without looking into it. They are not exactly critical thinkers, for many reasons. They're just writers. Like Karl Kraus said, they write although they have nothing to say and have something to say because they write. (There is a movie out about Kinsey now. I have not seen it. I wonder if it is accurate. By the review, it seems to be.)

Update, one example of Kinsey's methods.

"The author lists (p. 39) "many hundred" persons who brought in "delinquent groups: male prostitutes,female prostitutes, bootleggers, gamblers, pimps, prison inmates, thieves and hold-up men. These, presumably, would have brought in others of their kind, but in what numbers they did so we are not told." Terman also notes "a dozen prison populations" included "a state school for feeble-minded, two children's homes, and two homes for unmarried mothers, plus "more than 1,200 persons who have been convicted of sex offenses."
(Kinsey's "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male:
Some Comments and Criticisms,"
Lewis Terman, Sexual Behavior in American
Society: An Appraisal of the First Two Kinsey Reports,
NYC: W.W. Norton & Co.,1955, :447)

Kinsey's fraudulent 10% homosexual number was around for a long time. In fact, it is still around and used by gay activists. It is not as if the NYT reported the scholarly refutation of Kinsey's various frauds. At least, not that I can find. Apparently all they did was report some Catholic Bishop's rather meager protestation.

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