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Right2Left, revisited....

"It's like the Germans in the 1930's..."

Note at all, here is some history on the decadent and proto-Nazi Weimar Republic and how the "ethical code worship of the Jews" came to be hated.

...homosexual practices are increasing among men and growing towards a major vice. The most arresting report from Europe comes from Germany.
(American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 37,
No. 6, May, 1932 The Family
By Ernest R. Groves :948)

In that same time, those years when Hitler was shaping his party to take over Germany’s destiny he had his fill of troubles with his chief lieutenants who constantly quarreled not only among themselves but with him....No other party in Germany came near to attracting so many shady characters...pimps, murderers, homosexuals...
(The Rise and Fall of theThird Reich
New York, Fawcett Crest, 1960
By William Shirer :173)

Then there is the beginning of the book burning, for feelings, conditioning and images must be the rule and the conceptual world of words that define/judge must be burned. For the tolerance of censoring words and definition in order to run with the Herd!

Why was it then, since we were completely non-party, that our purely scientific Institute was the first victim which fell to the new regime? 'Fell' is, perhaps, an understatement for it was totally destroyed; the books from the big library, my irreplaceable documents, all the pictures and files everything, in fact, that was not nailed down or a permanent fixture was dragged outside and burned. What explanation is there for the fact that the trades union buildings of the socialists, the communist clubs and the synagogues were only destroyed at a much later date and never so thoroughly as our pacific Institute? Whence this hatred, and, what was even more strange, this haste and thoroughness?The answer to this is simple and straightforward enough—we knew too much.It would be against medical principles to provide a list of the Nazi leaders and their perversions. One thing, however, is certain—not ten percent of those men who, in 1933, took the fate of Germany into their hands, were sexually normal...

(The Memoirs of a Sexologist
(New York: 1954) pp. 429 ff)

Many historical sources that note a pattern of sexual disorientation:
Most loathsome of all is the reeking miasma of furtive, unnatural sexuality that fills and fouls the whole atmosphere around him, like an evil emanation. ...Surreptitious relationships, substitutes and symbols, false sentiments and secret lusts - nothing in this man's surroundings is natural and genuine, nothing has the openness of a natural instinct.

(A Psychological Analysis of Adolph Hitler, His Life and Legend
By Walter C. Langer
Office of Strategic Services Washington, D.C.)

Effeminacy, perversion and emotional manipluations,
About three years before the Nazis came to power we had a patient at the Institute who had a liason with Roehm. We were on good terms with him, and he told us a good deal of what happened in his circle...He also referred to Adolf Hitler in the oddest possible manner. ‘Afi is the most perverted of us all. He is very much like a soft woman, but now he makes great propaganda in the heroic morale’.

(Magnus Hirschfeld [The one who had some books that would be burned eventually.]
Quartet Books, New York,1986
Wolff, Charlotte M.D. :438)

The meme spreads,
The people who are most subject to the wiles of Nazi propaganda are those who have....the psychological position of the homosexual.'

(Journal of Modern History,
Vol. 47, No. 2, Jun., 1975
Psychohistorical Perspectives on Modern German History
By Peter Loewenberg, :238)

This lead to blackmail and so on, like Jim McGreavy's troubles the Nazis "....quarreled and feuded as only men of unnatural sexual inclinations, with their peculiar jealousies, can.”
(Shirer :172)

By 1926...the charges and countercharges hurled by the Nazi Chieftains at one another became so embarrassing that Hitler set up a party court to settle them and prevent his comrades from washing their dirty linen in public.
(Ib. :174)

Homosexual mentorships:
The fact is that in most of these para-military organisations which allegedly serve renewal and discipline and which present themselves as muscular and manly there is another cult apart from that of ultra-patriotism.

We have become increasingly accustomed to the figure of the ‘nationalist leader’ who occupies his spare time by seducing young boys.” Konrad Heiden (1945, p. 235) went further and described homosexuality as being pervasive and indeed institutionalized within the S.A. movement and its predecessors: “The perversion was widespread in the secret murderers’ army of the post-war period and its devotees denied that it was a perversion. They were proud, regarded themselves as ‘different from the others,’ meaning better.” This is perhaps not surprising, since so many of the leaders of the S.A. were open homosexuals...

(American Journal of Sociology, Vol. 87, No. 5, Mar., 1982
Sexual Taboos and Social Boundaries
By Christie Davies :1057-1038)

In the end,
According to the chief psychiatrist at Nuremberg, Douglas M. Kelley, only two of the twenty-two major defendants were without 'vices'.....

(Journal of Modern History,
Vol. 47, No. 2, Jun., 1975
Psychohistorical Perspectives on Modern German History
By Peter Loewenberg :239)

This type of information will get one censored. You won't be censored by American liberals for being a moral degenerate, a pornographer, etc. No, if you are for historical accuracy and the pursuit of truth then you will be censored.

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mynym said...

Unfortuately, I did not save all that was censored. But here is one.

"....your posts are somewhat meandering, fragmentary, and messy."

It is fine with me if you cannot understand.

I do not actually expect the Left to understand. There are some patterns of words that simply leave them in the dust. They can't put them together. These who believe that all is dust, matter in motion.

Dust to dust, yet nothing in between....

Therefore, they will not understand.

If I were to summarize though....if anyone wants to understand the method and modes of modern gay activists then just study the method and modes of Nazi propaganda. Effeminates write the same kind of propaganda, ironically now using the Nazis ad naseum for emotional impact in their attempts at emotional conditioning. So if you bring up the historical facts, they assume that you are trying for emotional conditioning in inspiring hatred, just like they just did against you. Then, be ready for some heavy duty sniveling and more supposed victimization....

Of course, it will be said that saying that also makes Victims. For everything does, if you talk to gay activists long enough you'll come to realize their pattern and that they are actually saying that pretty much anything they disagree with makes them Victims. They play the hand once to often and you come to realize they are pretty much always playing the same hand. Again, again, gets quite boring, really.

That is just the method and mode of it. They will call everything they dislike "hatred." It's really quite silly. Something along the lines of, "If you disagree with me, gay kids will go kill themselves! So stop that, right now!" Then you're supposed to feeel, "You know, if I am for historical accuracy on this then a gay kid will go kill themselves!"

Linkage, associations, associative arguments sans the truth....but even there they are the kids that they define as "gay kids" and that the activist seems to want to mentor and proselytize being gay to.

There is more for you to fail to understand. There are others who will understand what you cannot understand.

So I leave the reader to judge.