Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Could you snivel, any more?

"I am going to be standing there having this imposed on me," Newdow told the court by phone on Thursday. "They will be telling me I'm an outsider at that particular moment."

Newdow also argued that taxpayer-financed inaugural ceremonies cannot be a platform for "the coercive imposition of religious dogma," adding that the president intended to "use the machinery of the state to advocate his religious beliefs."

Bates questioned both sides vigorously at Thursday's two-hour hearing, but said he doubted a court could order the president not to include a prayer when he takes the oath of office.
"Is it really in the public interest for the federal courts to step in and enjoin prayer at the president's inauguration?" Bates asked.
Court Rejects Challenge to Inaugural Prayer


In some sense, one has to be fascinated by the extreme nature of atheist's victimization complex and phobias. They are victimized, by prayer? There are tsunami victims, etc., yet atheists waste their time and money because of the supposed victimization of prayer. Those who pray, so prey upon them! Pray for your enemies, because if they are evil they'll feel like something is preying on them.

"I am going to be standing there having this imposed on me...."

Everyone else is going to be standing there with his stupidity imposed on them. Perhaps they are tolerant of stupid people.

"They will be telling me I'm an outsider at that particular moment."

What free-thinkers atheists are! I think this fella has the urge to merge to the inside....probably some form of Cosmic Oedipal complex. The father will take him outside the motherly realm. Then he would be separated, outside, an outsider! Run away, run from Father God to Mother Earth....for that's an issue that must be skirted. Then the little fella looks out from inside the skirts, fearfully.

Are these the "free-thinkers"? It is almost always the same pattern, sounds like a research project, to compile a list of poorly fathered or fatherless atheists, that faith of the fatherless.

That wretched sect,
"All their monstrous systems have so visible and necessary a dependence on [materialism] that, when this cornerstone is once removed, the whole fabric cannot choose but fall to the ground, insomuch that it is no longer worthwhile to bestow a particular consideration on the absurdities of every wretched sect of Atheists."
by George Berkeley)

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