Sunday, January 02, 2005

Hi, ho...

Apparently, I got myself censored right off of Left2Right. I guess I'll have to comment from a different IP with a different name. The internet is funny like that, flowing right on around the usual socialist censorship.

Note, Leftists on Left2Right get to keep right on saying that Bush is another Hitler, etc., right on below my apparently hated satire of them. I like the fact that moral degenerates hate me that much.

Ah, well, there is a consistent pattern of socialists, just like the National Socialist, towards censorship. But they're not like the Nazis, nooo.

They'll make any attacks they want, any judgments. But the problem is, they do not see that they are making any judgments at all. They simply lack judgment. For they are just tolerant, so tolerant, as effeminates always believe themselves to be no matter how manipulative or censorious they are actually being. (It is actually a Nazi idea perhaps based on effeminacy and moral degeneracy. Their sort of intolerance is only necessary because of the intolerance of the "Jewish influence." If that just was not there, all would be a utopia of pure tolerance!)

Eventually I will have to write a good rant about this, or something. Or start a campaign against Left2Right....maybe they should call it Left2Left, here is all that is left of the Leftists moral degenerates after their latest electoral defeat by Americans. They just cannot see that is why they lost, either. Because they are, well, moral degenerates.

But, later...

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mynym said...

I guess I can still comment.

Yep, hard to ban an IP that can be changed I guess. It's a good thing the internet exists because the first reaction of socialists is censorship.


Free speech makes me glad, not sad....