Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The pagan chant grows louder....


Recall that the National Socialist movement was trying to take over the schools and any independent organizations for youth too, thus their attacks on the Catholics. Many older people remained Christian, yet the Church was very weak. Among Protestants there was a schism in it between the mainstream German Christians and the minority fundamentalist Confessional Church.

It seems that there was the Catholic remnant, then there was the Protestant to a lesser degree. On the other side there were the German Christians (emphasis on German more than Christian) and then the outright pagans who would revert to tribalism.

(The Nordic Pagan Chant Grows Louder
By Albion Rossberlin
The New York Times, Aug 4, 1935; pg. 3-4)

At first the visitor bas the impression that he is entering some sort of Boy Scout encampment. Then be finds that the fire is no ordinary bonfire but a great pile of logs sending high into the night sky a wavering tongue of flame.

He is approaching, as a matter of fact, not an encampment or a jollification but a religious ceremony as ancient perhaps as any Christian festival. He finds gathered about this great flame in a meadow, on a hilltop, or in a cleared space in some grove a very earnest circle of people. Most of them are young people.

One gathers that they are in search of something that they have not found, that they are somewhat uncertain, and that they are above all intensely nationalistic. The “flame oration” ends the ceremony.

The boys, girls and adults break up into groups and disappear along woodland path leading back to the city.

It is hard to explain what the neopagans....believe. They do not know themselves. Their movement is a part of the new nationalism and of a peculiar National Socialist mysticism. It has no articles of faith and it parades its lack of dogma. All of the various types of neopagans are agreed only in one thing-their rejection of Christianity and the established churches and their conviction that there must be some way of make their religion more 'heroic' and 'Germanic' than Christianity.

Everyone realized that Alfred Rosenberg's violently anti-Christian teachings had been recognized by the Hitler regime through his appointment as Cultural Director of the National Socialist party and all of its subordinate organizations.

Then came the National Socialist party’s and the State’s attack on both the Catholic and Protestant clergy for refusing to recognize Hitler’s absolute and unlimited power. Priests and pastors were referred to in speeches to youthful audiences as "quarreling ape clergy." Finally, the German Faith Movement was permitted to hold a mass assembly in the Sport Palace in Berlin at a time when the established churches were forbidden to hold any public gatherings outside their church buildings. To cap it all the highest officials in the hierarchy of the Third Reich, with the exception of Hitler, attended Summer solstice festivals staged in a thoroughly neopagan atmosphere.


A few things about the American Republic compared to the Weimar: Calling people apes is often the sort of imagery invoked against creationists. A "tolerance" towards everything but Christianity while getting pretentious about a lack of dogma is a similar pattern. The form that separation of church and state begins to take is the State beginning to seek an extirpation of religion from public life, in favor of whatever "just happens" to flow in to replace it. The State can become an ally with religions that agree with forms of philosophic naturalism, such as paganism or Marxism. But as for Christianity as an adherence to the philosophy of Christ it can never be a corrupt State's ally. That goes back through Christ to the Jewish prophets, the first to condemn their own State/King/god based on a higher principle. The principle is reiterated as the same Spirit comes through as the Christ in an agreement with his own prophets on the principle of separation of church and state.

That is the form the Founders would tend to talk about, the one in Christianity itself. That is not the form of separation that tribalistic pagans or other Nature based religions and philosophies are talking about. In their deformation of separation there will begin to be some Nature based earth days or what have you supported by the State. That is the type of thing that will happen, as a symptom of what is already done.

Some people try to make a virtue out of not making their mind up. Sometimes one has to wonder if they are just too stupid to make their mind up. But stupid or not, those who will not make their mind up sometimes have it made up for them through emotional conditioning in the "cult"ure.

Sometimes to have a mind, you have to make your mind up.

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josh narins said...

First of all, there is no god.

Hitler's weird mystic religion is quite unique. Peter Levenda writes expertly on the subject, as far as I know. Here is an interview, but I don't suggest you read it.

You may say Hitler was "violently" anti-Christian, but the Popes were sure to offer communion to Hitler and Mussolini, unlike the true devil, John Kerry (that was sarcasm, dear).

Hitler actively sought the approval of the Churches, not because he truly believed, he certainly didn't, but because the Churches have power over their flocks.

I hope I can help you snap out of this strange "nazi-democrat-anti-christian" conspiracy theory state of mind.