Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Garden VI

The Garden V

So the mother helped the son by watering the plants around him. The father also helped the son sometimes too, on the day that he had his own little gardening plant in the garden.

The father knew something about the pollution in the garden. It was made to eat up his work. For the neighbor had done this on purpose because of their old animosity to each other. The yellowish brown pollution that got into his gardening plants was like tiny little anti-gardening plants that would eat them up and eat up his garden too.

But they were like little parasites that could not be seen by the plants very well. They worked by giving some good feelings as they ate. Then one day, their host plant would feel them very strongly, once there was not much more to eat. Most of the time, the host plant did not notice them so much. The importance of this, which the father knew, was that the pollution was alive and wanted to get into the son's lil' gardening plant. So although the son was teaching the other gardening plants the way things were and was good to them, the ones that got taken over by pollution hated his plant very much. They said, "Me no like!" There was no reason for it. And so, slowly the living pollution was gathering around the section of the garden that the plant of the son was in. So more plants there began to say, "Me no like!"

The son already knew that this would happen because his father had told him that it would. He told the gardening plants at one point that the pollution was not their fault, but a dark day would come unto this generation of plants through who it came anyway.

So it got to the point where all the plants around the plant of the son had a high concentration of the pollution. The little gardening plants were just insane with it. It wanted to come out and get in the plant of the son, to eat it. The son asked his father, "Isn't there some other way to deal with the pollution?" But his father had gone inside. He had told the son that the garden was his responsibility, since he was the one who wanted to go to the trouble of saving it.

So all the polluted gardening plants gathered around the plant of the son and ripped at him, then ripped him apart. It hurt the son. But there was something in his plant that had already started to work against the pollution just as all his communication had and it made the pollution start to eat itself instead of his plants, just a little bit for then. The father came back out to check on things and said, "So, do you still want to save those plants after all this?" His son replied, "Yes...." To which his dad said, "I am very proud of you, son. You're a very good gardener, making things for your plants instead of eating them up. This was my disagreement with the neighbor. He was always eating plants, not just their fruit but all of them. Even the gardening ones, it was disgusting. He is not very creative. You've done such a good job here that I think you should come and help me build our new house and garden. Your mother can finish here."

"But first we have a few things to do here." So the father and son went and picked up the pieces of the plant of the son and took it inside. There, they put it all back together. Then he used his plant in the garden for a little while longer. He put it back into the garden and told the gardening plants about how he was going to go prepare a new place. Then he told them that his mother would finish gardening. She was the one he told them to come to him to get water from, the one who had been watering them. She new how to garden well.

After that, he had his plant come back to the fence they had built inbetween the backporch of their house and their garden. Some of his lil' gardening plants followed him and they saw the gate open up and some other lil' gardening plants that had sat on the rocks up behind the gate on the porch. They had followed the son and were there to see the plant of the son taken to the greenhouse. In the greenhous there were also gardening plants waiting to see the special plant he had made to fight the pollution.

The son went to help the father build their new house. His mother began to garden the polluted garden, she was a very good gardener, so the little gardening plants began to be better gardeners than ever before.

Yet the pollution was still there as moving day approached.

There were many generations of gardening plants after the plant of the son was in the garden, just as there were before.

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