Friday, August 19, 2016

Why can't those that have integrated and become "British" take up the white man's burden and go back to create great civilizations in their countries of origins? If they want to be like Whites, that is what Whites did. So it's their burden now. What the hell is this "logic" where indigenous minorities/white ethnic groups can be diversified out of existence while the vast majority of the world sits back in their own ethnically defined countries? There is space between colonization ("Me, ma mooo... indigenous groups seeking self-determination!) and reverse colonization ("Me, ma, moo... Jewish anthropologist don't count White supremacists racists xenophobes as indigenous... only people of color!" Etc.).

There's no logic to it. It was motivated by a centuries old ethnic hatred that actually applies to Muslim ethnic groups too. But in the West, it's only indigenous White ethnic groups that are targeted for diversification and equalization by Jews. That's why White ethnic groups (along with witless Muslims) can invade and bomb Muslim ethnic groups in the name of "national security" at the behest of international/globalist/Zionist Jewish oligarchs, without actually having a nation. So there is no actual "national" security on your own streets, given that you're not allowed to have a nation or tribal identity that's the equal of "the Jews." If you organize as White ethnic groups based on your actual national security, then that's phobia/racism/Islamophobia and most importantly of all, antisemitism.

If Jews organize and lobby for their own interests while building an ethnic state, then that's not discrimination/phobias/racism/bed wetting/men with short penises trying to prove they're men/whatever/Freudian/more Jewish gibberish. Muslim ethnic groups wanted to hop on the phobia train and ethnically based psychological warfare aimed at White ethnic groups and only Whites. But they seem to be screwing it up. Perhaps no oppressive colonizer of indigenous groups plays the part of the "oppressed minority" as good as the original... makes one wonder, why didn't the British come in back in the day and rule through political puppets based on oligarchies while claiming that all local resistance was supremacy/phobias/racist/led by men with short penises/so promote more feminism and tolerance for the Other/etc.

"Stop oppressing us as a minority and trying to kick us out! Oppression!!! First they came for the British. Arrest this local man, racist... hate speech!!!" Lol.

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