Monday, August 15, 2016

Ramble, Tim Wise... it's like he's a caricature.

/ If you mean to cherry pick my words, no he's not a lawyer of any kind./

He's just a Jew doing what the Jewish Left has done for many years. Using his high verbal acuity to incite racial violence against white ethnic groups and only white ethnic groups (Because they're all "Nazis"/rural rubes that might be organized and led by a military man or a veteran of certain wars caused by certain people again. Etc.) . They incite Africans while the collateral damage of Asians and others in the roiling and boiling "melting pot" float by. (Melting pot, another Jewish metaphor... apparently they're good with words but usually terrible in understanding themselves. "Radical." )

Tim apparently thinks that mumbling a few words about Zionists and the absolutely crazy Jewish Right is good enough to prove that he's not just another tribal operator and ethnic activist. His supposed principles are universal and we're all equal. We are not equal. He has an ethnic state with settlements being built for him. That's his real privilege. Is he so "radical" that he forgot?

When do we invade his ethnic state and make sure that they diversify themselves out of existence or at least reduce themselves to an ethnic minority with Syrian refugees? Where's the equality between someone like Tim as a "radical" and "revolutionary light unto the goyim" and people like us?

He's radical? Was that a joke?

/ He simply talks and speaks eloquently, coherently, and informed on racial issues/

Of course.

But he's also full of tribal hatred, fear and loathing of Europeans that may be "Nazis"/racists. (I.e... pretty much all white ethnic groups when tribal vision gets a bit blurry.) That's why Jews usually always invent the same narratives, from Marx to Lenin and on the list could go. Internationalism is the pretext that they use for their own ethnic interests.

Ideologies and the "eloquence" can vary.

/- the area he SPECIALIZES in. /

An area they're going to get screwed over in, if history is any measure. Because he his messianic tribesmen will never stop being anti-white.

High verbal acuity and lawyers and all that is not all there is to life. Endless demands for social/tribal justice... the usual.

Be careful what you ask for. Do unto others. Logs and specks.

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