Monday, August 08, 2016

It's fun to see words that trace back to the Word and logic and traces back to the Logos grapple with difficult issues. Just thinking to myself... it doesn't really matter. They will monetize the entire world eventually. They've already been told everything they need to know by Jesus. They and their "goyim" minions didn't listen to Him, so they won't listen to me. So I'm just talking to myself.

t's these Cultural Marxists, primarily Jewish people.../

And if they so much as stub their toe on some sort of minor criticism from all the ethnic groups they defame and use as caricatures on their endless TV shows/media/comedy shows//"NYT"/whatever then they cry, cry, cry.  All criticism is anti-Semitic, motivated by ethnic hatred.  But all their own criticism of Whites isn't anti-White, motivated by their hatred of "Nazis".  So all criticism of them leads directly and immediately back to the six million lampshades that were burned in a Holocaust, a sacrifice made by fire that justifies their Zionism/tribalism/banksterism and the oligarchic nepotism that other people keep trying to escape.  First they came for the lampshades.

From Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders to Noam Chomsky on the Left and Trump on the Right all surrounded by Jews... the resolution of tribalism/nationalism seems to be an internal Jewish conversation.  The vast majority of Jews come out on the side of anti-nationalist globalists, yet "Zionists" for themselves.  This hypocrisy, the endless logs and specks that Jesus pointed out, may be the death of the US.  Because they are basically running the US government into the ground now, despite the (almost criminal) genius of the petrodollar system. 

Are you guys/"the NYT"/aka a bunch of Jews with your minority minion friends (So long as they don't criticize your tribe, you're friends.) ready for compilation videos about Jewish racism?  Because they're coming.  They're already being made by people like Max Blumenthal so that he can make a name for himself in this anti-white culture.  So clearly, Israel needs open borders and diversification with Africans.  Don't send them all to German "goyim."  You like this culture of virtue signalling from within your gated communities, discriminatory "Jewish" organizations and your ethnically homogeneous country...  but for real?  Then sell everything you have and move to Africa.  Or Detroit.  Abolish your banking system and stop benefiting when Jews contribute to Jewish charities.  Better than Jews like Noam Chomsky and Bernie Sanders, point out that banksterism is from your own tribe in accordance with your customs and traditions.  Sell everything.  Betray your own Tribe for the sake of the Other/"goyim" that you supposedly empathize with so very, very much....     

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