Monday, August 22, 2016

Random comment about Whites to an African man telling the truth... for once.

No one wants to do what the White tribes of the North did, freeze and starve and die and be reduced to small "rugged individualist" kin groups full of fair/white minded individuals of the highest integrity.  Thus capable of planning/"prepping" ahead for the Great Financial Doom, aka Winter... and now "Climate Change."  They have various ways of packaging their racial tendencies these days.  So choose your own theme.  Or sell it, like Jack Markell and the merchants do. 

Observe witless modern Whites, they're still doing the same things by instinct. Fortunately for the Black tribes of the South that Jews and tribes in the Middle East try to incite against their enemies the "rugged individualists," planners and preppers and "libertarians" (i.e. more white people) have a very high threshold for tribalism and uniting together based on racial characteristics. Characteristics produced by the brutal and cold histories of the Norman/Nordics/North by Northwest tribes.

Whites can't see "gang related" violence and Black tribalism even if it's occurring right in front of them, even if they're providing for ten African children so that African men can continue having sex with multiple women while leaving more "gang related" violence behind them. Children. It is better to be instructed verbally based on language and logic that may hurt your feelings than to be instructed by Nature like the White tribes of the North in the past were. Implicitly White civilizations are lax and decadent and growing degenerate under the influence of "Jews" now but their past was brutal and despite the push for transgenderism/neutering by "Jews", many Whites remain men and women to this day. Take note.

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