Monday, August 29, 2016

Ramble... 8/19

The federal government, just like all anti-White governments worldwide, is forcing integration on white ethnic groups due to anti-white (((cultural))) influences targeting whites and only whites. I'm a little surprised that the local police and careerist agents of the federal government (FBI, etc.) that are themselves subject to diversity/diversification in their own careers (While every other group/diversity has ethnic lobbies...) still enforce these anti-White institutions their own group.

But I guess that goes to show that the culture (Hollywood/the media/etc.) is more important than politics, just like the Leftist Jews that created this culture in order to diversify the possibility of "Nazism" out of existence (After getting kicked out of yet another country for supporting internationalism/globalism.) originally thought.

In the end, it seems they were correct. Rule by movies. Rule by academia. Rule by culture and then the politicians and the local police forces follow along, witlessly... although it must be a bit strange (subconsciously) for white policemen worldwide (from Britain to Australia to America) to enforce violent forms of integration and diversification against their own families and kin groups at the behest of anti-White governments.

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