Friday, August 12, 2016


/Christopher Watts, use sources other than Fox News please./

Fox News is merely implicitly white with a heavy Jewish influence (Bill Kristol, Charles Krauthammer, Bernard Goldberg, etc.) just like most of the white people on this thread. They put up a front with the fighting Irish like Bill O'Reilly and Shawn Hannity (spokesmen for the Irish, I mean the police...) but it's all limp resistance to the ethnic lens of people like Cindy Cohen. Check the original article here, who is pushing yet another anti-white/anti-European/"anti-Nazi" movement?


/The media puts the message out that they want to keep us divided./

Everyone is already divided. That's why we are diverse groups of people. The media is full of globalists pushing a message of unity and loooove for all on white ethnic groups and only white people, just like Cindy Cohen pushes a message of unitarian universalism. Do they demand that BLM be more diverse? Should it be run by more Asians, just to be sure that BLM is diverse? Should Arab organizations be run by European Americans, to be sure that they're diverse enough? Should Arab countries accept mass immigration from Germany, to ensure diversity and tolerance there? No. Because these people are anti-white and their ethnic lens/"the media"/"the univeralist pastor"/whatever is generally the subconscious equivalent of being anti-Nazi. You are generally seeing through their lens. The owner of the media outlet. The producer. The director of the movie. Arnon Milchan of 12 Years a Slave, what's he doing in his spare time? Weapons dealing for Zionists. No surprise that his movies are anti-white/anti-"Nazi," with zero balance. You see through this lens of "the media," you're incited by it... and then you do the time. Not Arnon and all the rest. It's the media. But it's not just any media. It's not Chinese producing. It's not Arabs.

/When BLM started it was gaining support across the racial board./

Shrug. That went well. They shouldn't have believed "the media" and begun thinking that white/"Nazi" cops are gunning down Africans for the fun of it everywhere. The bitter irony is that due to "the media" /people like Cindy Cohen (Unitarian Univeralist, Lol.), African American and Chinese cops are caught in the crossfire too. But it's whites that are the target of the people that incited this rapidly growing mess in the "melting pot" (Israel Zhangwill.. no melting pot for himself?). From (((Soros))) to (((Cindy Cohen.))) They do the anti-White/"anti-Nazi/racist" incitement, you do the time.

Also, their movements are neutered/transgendered to the point that black men who listen to it will wind up playing the part of an African transgender in prison. As seen on TV, just like the WASP character on Will and Grace for obvious reasons. Or now, Netflix. Check out what the official BLM matter organization says.

/People were uniting behind it and then suddenly the media has these convenient 15 second clips of nutjobs with a bull horn shouting out a message of "ANTI-WHITE"./

No. "The media"/"the political pundits"/"the NYT"/"ABC/NBC/CNN" are losing their anti-white (and anti-black) influence as more and more white people realize that their tribal identity/community isn't merely a gay WASP TV character portrayed on Will and Grace. There's a gay community but no white community in this anti-white/"anti-Nazi" culture. Notice that?

The thing about the anti-white/anti-nazi/anti-racist mentality pushed by a group of people based on their own ethnic interests and their own ethnic lens... they incite based on their centuries old hatred of Europeans but then other ethnic groups get caught in the crossfire. It's a Chinese policeman that gets killed. It's a Pakistani store clerk that has his shop burned down.

It's not intentional. It's not a "conspiracy" by a mysterious "media" or whatever (perhaps, lizard people?) to divide us. It's just the state of current ethnic ecology and people failing miserably to think openly and honestly about their own tribal/ethnic/gang related identities. You can observe it right in this thread, where witless whites are wandering around thinking that they're individuals that just happen to live in neighborhoods built by their kin. Typical. But individualism isn't much of a privilege, given that every other group has discriminatory racial/ethnic organizations lobbying the US Government to become more anti-white. There's just a very small silver lining to the implicit Northern European tendency to individualism. (Unlike Southern Europeans/Italians that more readily formed gangs/mafias.) We "white people" generally don't have to take responsibility for rampaging Swedes committing mob violence and forming racial gangs or mafias. First, because there aren't any rampaging Swedes. They're too busy with trying to diversify their own group out of existence, with zero IKEA of what they're doing. (Individually.) Second, because we don't have any racial and tribal organizations and tribal/"social justice" people like Cindy Cohen would use their influence to frame any white civil rights organizations as the moral equivalent of "Nazism" (a cartoon) anyway.

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