Friday, August 12, 2016

Lol... 8/12

Whites are so witless as individuals that the majority refuse to admit that they have ethnic interests too. Keep dreaming. Keep fantasizing about gay unicorns that define a gay community based on gay pride while there's no white community. Dream that you're "wretched refuse" (Emma Lazarus, Zionist) in a melting pot (Israel Zhangwill, Zionist) being stirred up to boil by people like Cindy Cohen.

Even when the "American Dream" was European and the shift to a global Empire built for foreign oligarchs hadn't taken place, there were still problems with the "dream." Why did the Italian mafia form? Nothing against Italians or anyone. But is the globalist/Zionist "melting pot" dream really a good idea without any consequences or costs paid by indigenous American groups whatsoever, including African Americans?

I don't even ask that you/diversity love whites and support our ethnic groups, like you and Cory Booker (etc.) seem to ask us to love and support you. (If enough Chinese are brought in, then perhaps they can love and support you.) Tolerance is enough. Be men, good grief. (By the way, BLM is safely transgendered and kosher... to the point that one wonders if Black men are going to star on the next reality show. Orange is the New Black: Episode Women are the New Men. Etc. The usual. All for obvious reasons if you're aware of the ethnic group pushing that. This is the conversation about ethnic groups that the CEO of Starbucks actually doesn't want to push. He'll try to have his witless white hipsters talk about ethnicity, though. A blank stare is all you'll get. Witless.)

Most witless white individuals still refuse to admit that other ethnic groups behave as tribal groups even when they're doing that right in front of them now. Most Whites: "Seems like they might have racial and ethnic organizations or somethin'. But that's not white/fair, like me! How can they even do that when we're all just individuals?" Or: "Say... how did all these randomly organized individuals get here in these civil rights organizations and gang related crimes? Well, let's try to sort through them in a fair/white minded way. One of their ethnic activists told me to dream of a day when we would all be fair/white minded for the sake of his own children! Me like that." Etc. This thread: "It's a white privilege to view yourselves as individuals without any ethnic stake in this country."

You should take your own advice about "the media" and all of its tribal "narratives." Use your brain and don't let people like Cindy Cohen or "the media"/"the NYT"/"the political pundit"/"the CEO" do it for you. (The identity modeled for you and your children will be a transgendered/neutered TV character just like the WASP character on Will and Grace, which leads to Jack Markell trying to defeat bathroom Nazis supposedly killing a Transgender Tribe in the bathrooms and so on.) Narratives created by Cohen incite African Americans against what they perceive as their white/"Nazi"/"racists" enemy (Or proto-Nazi enemy, given that white people can go craaaazy racist for no reason at all from their ethnic perspective.) but you do the time. (It all gets a bit blurry in a tribal mind beginning to demand tribal, social justice, doesn't it?) They incite based on their tribal anti-white hatred, fear and loathing of the "Nazi"/"racists" randomly gunning Jews, I mean minorities/Africans down in their neurotic imaginations. Just gunning them down. For no reason at all. But Africans that are incited to shoot a Chinese policeman or another African policeman, leaving his little African boy fatherless, get killed by a drone or do the time.

So you use your brain and stop letting things go a bit blurry when the (((usual anti-white suspects))) frame the white police/"Nazis" as not thinking that your lives matter and set the narrative that way. No one has to love you or feel that your lives matter more than their own families. (Note that white women with their xenophilia and pathological views about "noble savages" don't really love you, including those on their thread with their gibberish.) Black men collectively are supposed to be the person providing for and loving your own/children, instead of having ten babies and then expecting other ethnic groups to care for African lives that you collectively don't care enough about. No one is going to do that but you. Asians aren't going to come in and adopt all the African children you've collectively left behind as whites are diversified out of existence. And as much as "Hollywood" pushes European women adopting Africans and so on, no one will ever love and empathize and identify with your children and kin as much as an African patriarch could.

But what does BLM preach? Transgendered, matriarchal Jewish gibberish.. like what this "unitarian univeralist" will preach. That's why it'll never go anywhere for your ethnic group. Unless you want to be their next transgender/safely neutered reality show star.

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