Friday, August 19, 2016

Crazy stuff...

A White pastor on the death of Alton Sterling: 
...two white police officers. The shooting death was caught on film by several people, including other officers. This much is clear, the punishment or action of the police officers did not fit the crime. Alton was clearly under their control after he seemed to resist for a short time.  [With another gun in his pocket, like the last time he was arrested.]

You might say, "Had he not resisted he would still be alive today." I say to you, "It matters not and your statement is nonsense." He did resist. He was subdued. And he was shot dead in the street at point blank range.
Go become a policeman in an African region of the country and you can decide the exact moment when a thug who has a gun in their pocket is subdued enough to suit you. 

Let's be clear, most police officers are not racists...
 Let's be clear, not all pastors are clueless.  But it seems like most are.  There's no excuse for ignorance at this point.  Message me or some other European nationalist and ask if you have to.  You can't rely on foreign ethnic groups and necessarily expect them to take a scientific view tracing back to Logos, in accordance with our own customs and traditions.  Customs and traditions upon which the First World bubble of privilege that we all live are based.  Do you want African gangs roaming around, perhaps re-establishing behavior patterns and traditions like cannibalism?  
... I will let Nakia Jones speak on their behalf. My words are not an indictment of all police officers, most police officers, white police officers or any law enforcement in general.
I didn't watch that.  How dare you incite Africans against white people based on flimsy pretexts whenever a criminal resisting arrest gets himself shot, while simultaneously suppressing the ethnic consciousness of European Americans even when they're being targeted due to their ethnic identity.
European men will resist you, don't be surprised if they're similar to pagan "Nazis" that you've driven out of your churches with this seemingly heretical mess of gibberish where one day, they're White cops gunning down Africans in the street because of racism.  The next day, after they're gunned down in the street for being White, they're just individuals again. 
However, there is a racial divide in America. Some would say that it is growing, but I would argue that it has always been there - we just can't ignore it any longer..
The very next day they use radical individualism (heretical?) against Whites that were targeted and killed based on the defamation and lies of Africans:
There are no qualifications of race, status, job, title, political affiliation, country, or nationality in Paul's instruction. Christian, we don't need false dichotomies and proof texts from media outlets, social networks or any other organization. ....  You don't need to pick one side and call it an issue.

But you already did.

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