Thursday, August 25, 2016

Ramble, rambe... unfortunately there's a lot of truth to the Jerry Spring/Emma Lazarus/Soros/Jewish view of White ethnic groups as "white trash"/rubes/etc.etc...

This is way TLDR. But I don't care. Just starting writing and didn't feel like stopping...

It's a lot to correct at this point. As Jews took over America by turning it into an Empire of Entertainment broadcast worldwide, WASPs became the gay character on Will and Grace, the supposed "Madmen" of the 1950s and literal Team America: Goyim Golem puppets sent around the world and so forth. How many Jews corrected and became "critics" of their own Tribe? "Critics." "Intellectuals." And all the rest. Basically zero subjected their own group to the withering criticism of their (seemingly a continuation of the Talmudic) culture of critique. With respect to Team America: World Police (for Judaism Inc.?) an intellectual like Noam Chomsky generally blames colonialism/imperialism (???) without criticizing its centuries old financial/Jewish causes. Now Bernie Sanders/blames "bankers" that are portrayed by Hollywood/Jews as being a WASP "Wolf of Wallstreet" instead of who they actually are. That's the Jewish Left. Hell, if White ethnic groups had a "Left" like that then apparently they'd still be colonizing the world instead of being colonized by the rest of the world/"diversity."

Where is the Jewish Right? Michael Savage/Pamella Gellar/Charles Krauth/Bill Kristol/"neoconservatives"/etc., blame Muslims and point out (at least in the case of Savage, the most "radical" of them... lol) that there is a supposedly mysterious urge in the West arising from nothing at all (???) to diversify Whites/Euros out of existence. He never identifies its ethnic root among his own tribesmen and their cultural influence. Yet Michael (Weiner) "Savage" knows about this mysterious urge for ethnic replacement and diversification for some reason. Now we have Brietbart "renegade Jews" and Milo/Roger Stone/etc., trying to correct the Jewish Left (Soros, etc.) by speaking about the pattern of "globalism" that arises from... nothing, apparently. All these will shift away, as they apparently always must. They'll probably just shift away from giving white people ACTUAL POWER (immigration, etc.) later than Jews like Ben Shapiro. Ironically, Shapiro's "Constitutional" ethnic instincts may actually be a little more sound than Milo's. Imagine herds of animals of all different types and groupings, sometimes they trend one way or another seemingly before events happen. Some stragglers. Most stick with the group. Instinct.

Now Ben Shapiro goes all around the country explicitly or implicitly defending White ethnic groups (And tangentially Jews perceived as being white by other groups. Mr. Constitutional.) from the endless ethnic attacks/influence/ethnocide CREATED BY HIS OWN TRIBESMEN (Nary a word about that. He doesn't know? He can't be bothered to think about it?) trying to diversify "Nazism" or the mere possibility of it out of existence. ("Never again, in our imaginations... so fight this preemptive war against another Hitler to protect our ethnic state!" Etc. More instinct. Most people don't even bother to think about the most important things, Jews/"the media"/"the professor"/"the pundit"/etc. included.) To be fair to Shapiro, I guess now that he has been attacked by actual antisemites on the Right for the way he hid his ethnic instincts in a "war on women" with Megyn "the implicitly White woman" Kelly... it's not totally imaginary anymore. Oh well. The problem is that many Jews/the majority believe in diversifying European ethnic groups out of existence as groups, rather foolishly.... given the attitude of Muslim and African or Afro/Muslim ethnic groups (diversity/"minorities", the majority of the world) toward Jews/"whites".

On the Jewish American Right (not the majority) we're left with Jews or their servile and cucked friends. The most radical, people like Michael Savage and Mark Steyn try to tell witless whites ("rugged individualists"/"Libertarians"/whatever... just a bunch of White people) about the Jewish Left... without really telling them about who is doing it. Why they're doing it. What their motivation for doing it is. And so forth.

If Jews are going to join a correction to other ethnic groups being influenced to serve Jewish interests above all, then they'll have to go pretty far toward White ethnic groups and our own ethnic interests... as far as I'm concerned. Because we've been dragged pretty far toward serving Jewish oligarchs and their interests as a group, from Zionism to covering for Wallstreet while bailing out "globalist" bankers. It's all: "Stand with Israel. Protect us. Get your Uberman/Superman identity from our old cartoons (Jews: "We made Superman? Who knew! Me just random rugged individualist, like witless Whites we live next to!") and defeating yet another Hitler." And what do witless White "individuals" actually get from serving Jews? Perhaps they'll get a Transgendered/Neutered Superman now... apparently that's what you get for playing the part of cartoons drawn by people that view you as possibly being a "Nazi"/another cartoon. You get spayed and neutered, literally. But the gay Jew Milo doesn't even like the results, because then he has to seek out African men.

If Jews of good will toward White ethnic groups want an alignment of interests, fine.

But we can no longer see ourselves through the ethnic lens that your tribesmen established after WWII, whether that's a "Nazi" cartoon or a "Superman" cartoon sent to defeat the German "Nazis"/"white trash"/"wretched refuse" (Emma Lazarus) fit for a "melting pot."(Israel Zhangwill). The average suburban Jew: "Those poems and plays were us? Who knew! I thought that it was always the American dream to melt into the rest of the entire world, as an Afro/Arab /Asian/Euro or somethin'! Wait, that was our dream? Well, now I don't like that dream. Me join Milo.. "

We are rapidly becoming our own people again. Trump or no Trump, Milo or no Milo... supposed leaders or not. If you want to work on shattering your own ethnic lens and the influence or your plays/poems/TV shows/movies/culture projected onto Whites ethnic groups over the years due to the endlessly anti-White instincts of your own tribesmen, then go in peace and do it. Your Tribe has dominated the world for a time based on an Empire of Entertainment that is currently declining. Congratulations. But it generally wasn't done openly, honestly and with integrity. As (((usual.)))

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