Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Whites... Whites!!! :-)

Whites:  "We're not a group, so how can we be quiet as a group?  Me, ma, moo..."  :-) 

The end result, apparently a group that should have a lobby group looking out for its interests and helping people like Mr. Webster out does not.  Regardless, the most likely trends for all police in America now:
....police officers around the country will take the hint. As they say in the INS, “no cases, no problems, few cases, few problems, and many cases, many problems.” White officers will stay in their cruisers...

Of course, crime will increase and we will go back to the bad old of days of unsafe cities Broken Windows policing was designed to prevent. Ironically, African-Americans will be the biggest victims of this.

But then, as we see with our nation-breaking (and wage-suppressing) immigration policy, the Left is not interested in taking care of its constituents—only punishing its enemies.   Link
Just in time for summer!

Don't expect what is most likely to occur this summer (more mob violence, etc.) to be widely reported on in the corporate media in America.  It probably won't even be verging on an international human rights crisis that the Ayatollahs feel the need to comment on.



It is interesting how the Democrats (And Democratic Jews leading or "influencing" their usual tribal/goyim minority coalitions...) never talk about how, exactly, immigration will or may affect their diversified portfolios of debt/money slaves.

An aspect of it is cultivated by rich Whites that don't care about their own kin.  Heck, even if Whites are not rich they still don't care about their own kith and kin like these other groups do.  Pathological altruism vs. pathological tribalism?   

But portray a minority/Other group to care about and there many whites go, it's like a flock of Dodos on their way to extinction or something. 

That was the pretext for war in Syria, save the children from the WMDs.  That was their pretext for the first Iraq war, incubator babies.  Remember that one?  Probably not.  But the marketing campaigns of rich Whites and Jews show that they know Whites and more specifically, the pathological altruism of White women can be rather easily incited. 

Incubator babies!  "Ma, moo, meee!"

Indeed.  But the same war mongering "folks" also just simultaneously told you that leaving babies to die on the floor is fine anyway.  :-| 

Apparently nothing in the Empire of Entertainment has to make any sense philosophically and universally to the debt/money slaves incorporated in it:
Will you folks back in America NEVER realize that you are fightin’ this war IN ORDER to get into debt? I mean just that, you have been dumped into the war IN ORDER to get into debt. To get in further, to get in up to the chin, the throat. To get into the morass up to your eyebrows and no man living can see WHEN you will get out of it.

Wars are made to make debt. The other reasons are hooey. It don’t in one way matter who got you into it. In another way it matters a lot; because WHEN you discover who got you into it, you may begin to cast round toward, begin to wonder WHY you are in.

Debt is an implement for creatin’ and enforcin’ slavery. Your Rhoosian allies are slaves of an infernal state, life sentence. You have pretty nigh got a life sentence. ....

Lunacies, manias, collective hallucinations are abstract. They are general. They do NOT look at the FACTS in front of their noses.  --Ezra Pound

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