Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Good comment... it looks like this goy is onto something! Minus the conspriacy theory and magic "spelling" stuff... just because it rhymes doesn't necessarily mean anything. Sheesh

Agree.  Looking at the Big Picture (from a higher Altitude)... I see it fitting into an overall, long-term pattern (Agenda?) of gradually dissolving all strong bonds & ties that people have to their Family, Group, Culture, Nation, Religion or Race.
When all Strong Ties are severed for large groups, NO ONE can organize effectively, to offer genuine or winnable resistance to the Cabal1 of Globalist Banksters, who seem hellbent on ruling the world via their "One-Coin (One Ring) To Rule Them All"2 master strategy.

[1] Cabal is also Ka Baal.  As in the ancient god Baal, who was also worshiped by many Hebrews during their many centuries of Polytheism (pre 500 BC), when they also worshiped ISis, RA, and EL/ELohim.  String these together, and you get... IS RA EL.  Duh!
[2] Must admit, that if I wanted to take over the world, I'd do exactly what the Rothschilds did: Start out with a great wealth, have a large family (6-8 kids), position them to take over the key banking centers, leverage a sizable religious and cultural group (large but not too large, but very homogenous and tight-knit in a "Them vs Us" mentality), take over the leadership of said Group and Culture, and leverage it to then take over a large, imperialist Host (first UK + France + Germany + Austria + Italy, then Russia and USA).  The Invasive Species strategy.  Rinse and repeat, i.e. applied generation after generation via the only vehicles and glue that can do this successfully: Religion (Talmudic Rabbis) and Secret Societies.  When the power, influence and wealth exceeds the boundaries of several of these large Host nations, I'd look to acquire a country of my own, and make it my sovereign home.  Enter Zionism and the Balfour Declaration.  Pure genius.  Brilliant.

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