Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mr. Moseley, 5/26

But “they” are not Jews.
And the “controlled narratives” are not controlled by Jews.

When you’re successfully getting people fired that have been working in the corporate media for over thirty years, that’s control.

 Here is another example:

Helen Thomas Comes Under Fire for Remarks on Jews, Israel
CBS News
Jun 7, 2010 – After making controversial remarks about Israel, longtime White House correspondent Helen Thomas has been dropped by her speaking …
Juxtaposition, criticizing Whites will not get you fired in the corporate media in America:
They just refer to him as a liar. I’ve got to believe it’s ethnic with these people. They just got a problem with this guy being President. Is there any other evidence to justify why they keep calling him a bad man?”
— Host Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s Hardball, June 5, 2013. –
MATTHEWS: How about Palin? Let’s talk about Palin. Palin has attacked New York, Washington and Los Angeles. She goes after the government, after the media, after Hollywood.
KATHLEEN PARKER, syndicated columnist: Yes.
MATTHEWS: Anything that’s on the coast is evil to her. She’s an Alaskan who, I bet you any money, is going to spend most of her time down in the middle parts of the country, the rural white parts. She’s going to find those cul de sacs of whitedom, and exploit the hell out of them, right?
— Exchange aired on MSNBC’s Hardball, August 5, 2009
It’s not anti-Jew. It’s usually anti-White.

Saudi Arabia and Iran are gearing up to go to war with ISIS.
It has nothing to do with Jews.

There is order coming out of Islamic and Arabic chaos based on the Oded Yinon plan and empires have always used proxy armies of terrorists/savages. Indeed, that’s an aspect of how America itself was born as a nation. Now it seems that next to nothing gets done in the Empire if it isn’t kosher first and foremost, imperial interests are usually second.
Go back and read Washington’s farewell address again…

You might be able to make a case that “they” — companies that profit from war — want to stir up war.

That’s not who actually did it. Neoconservative Zionists did it. They did the Niger forgeries that were so crappy that they had a dead guy’s signature on them.
Maybe in the past there’s a case to be made for this or that. But that’s not what happened recently.
Interesting juxtaposition on even more recent events if you’re interested, the Malaysian airliner that was shot down recently vs. the USS Liberty. What happened? What’s the difference?

I would argue that wars take a long time to generate and incite on the theatrical production of the world stage, so you don’t have to be “Shakespear” to see saber rattling as a form of communication.

Therefore you could pretty much have a nation shooting down planes or trying to sink ships but if it’s not the “right” nation that people are looking for a pretext for war with then it doesn’t matter. There is not necessarily an international incident unless factions want to use an event as a pretext that they’re often looking for long before the event actually takes place.

So let’s say that this imaginary Russian sub that you guys are posting about here now actually wasn’t imaginary and instead it surfaced and blew up “the British” trawler! Yep. It just blew it up! Then what? Then what are you imagining should have been done based on that imaginary event?
You’re “escalating tensions” over real or imagined submarines without investigating the way a plane was actually shot down first. It wasn’t nearly shot down in someone’s imagination.
It WAS shot down.
But you cannot escape the reality that the news media is ANTI-JEW and ANTI-ISRAEL and pro-Muslim.

It’s generally anti-White. Everyone else has lobby groups and PR firms working for them these days, from the Arab Institute to Asians. Apparently Whites have allowed these patterns to emerge in their nations because they’re “rugged individualists” off trying to haul on their bootstraps or something and they also are “Jewed” out with minority propaganda according to many Jews. Whatever the reason, it’s only happening in White nations. There is no push for diversity in Japan, that would happen to ethnically cleanse the Japanese out of existence. Why? Who knows!
Can you cite any evidence at all? What are you talking about, the American media is anti-Jew? I don’t even get it anymore.
But this obviously means something to you based on your Indiana Jones and the Last Jewish Movie type of worldview, I guess. What is it that you mean, exactly? How are you perceiving people in the media to be anti-Jewish if they lose their decades long jobs and careers if they so much as say the word…. Jew?

Someone may control the news media and Hollywood.

Yeah. It’s probably the people that own it and/or create and produce Europhobic movies about antisemitism instead of dealing with the fact that many in their own group, as Jews, wanted to “die”versify Europeans with “minorities” that happen to be Muslims. I’ve seen this myself. No sooner does a Jewish Zionist perceive that White European women might not be supporting their state sufficiently and: “I hope you’re raped by Muslims!” I guess I should have taken a screenshot. But it seems like you’re impervious to new information anyway. We seem to be opposites.

Turkey is as close to Israel as Iran. it just on the other side of Syria.

So apparently your argument is that the Jewish owned media in America (And the brain dead White trendies working in it, picture one asking Obama his favorite color.) is not reporting Erdogan’s statements… because they hate Jews? They know about his statements and thought it would be a great story suitable to mainstream narratives like their anti-Iranian “lost in translation” type stuff but then: “No… I won’t report on Turkey because I hate Jews!”
I don’t know what your argument is unless one group of Jews supposedly hates the another group of Jews or something.

You cannot escape the reality that the news media, like Hollywood, is anti-Jew…

What is a Jew?

Because here’s nearly two hours of Jewish Hollywood, apparently observable: Hollywoodism: The Ideology that has Devoured Western Culture

The news media? Compare and contrast any stories about Catholic pedophiles with the story of how rabbis are giving babies herpes and common rabbinic abuses. Where is Bill Maher to make the joke? How quickly would he be fired if he did make that joke? Does the media ever investigate the kosher racket? Would they investigate if Catholics wanted to stamp a tiny little cross on most food and charge people for the privilege of imposing their religion with the help of the FDA?

Numerous juxtapositions between different groups can be multiplied based on observable evidence and it seems to me that’s the only way to define whether the corporate media in America is anti or pro a group. I would argue that it’s anti-White and generally pro-Jew/minority even when minorities are actually the majority and oligarchic Jews are actually almost running the nation. How long can the people that are actually running things or becoming a majority keep on blaming America as being representative of a majority White, Christian nation?

Anyway, where is your actual evidence that the media is “anti-Jew”?

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