Friday, May 08, 2015

Saving something for my own entertainment... when will it end? Lol.

(Seth Rogen: ‘American Sniper’ Is Equivalent to Nazism)
(Seth Rogen: Sorry About That Whole ‘Nazi’ Thing | The Daily …)

He can apologize but they still hate you, as a group. That’s generally Hollywood is the media is the way it is.

Every white man needs to note who is doing what and where nationalists actually interested in protecting their families and nations are at now. On a side note, in this case that is being incorporated in cultural trends… if Lateef was free to roam in majority black neighborhoods and then shot a little girl then here are the possible headlines for anti-Whites and self-hating White careerists in the media:
(More Gun Violence: Where Were the Police? )
(Little Girl Shot by Gun: Where Is the NRA?)
(Guns Shooting Little Girls by Themselves: Is The Tea Party a Racist Terrorist Group?)

Or note real headlines when stuff like that happens:
(NAACP leader wants more police patrols in high crime …)
(Need police now, not later, writes Jersey City NAACP official …)
(NEW: Providence NAACP Issues Call to …
Jan 27, 2014 – Jim Vincent with the Providence NAACP prepares to address crowd outside Garrahy Judicial … We need more police, illegal guns off the street.)
(Detroit working to add 200 more police officers on the streets)

But when the NAACP gets more police and some of them can’t quite control the brutality needed to deal with the savagery of ethnic and racial “gangs,” then it’s a police state where whites are gunning down blacks.

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