Monday, May 04, 2015

Ramblings.. Episode Hopium

 /They aren´t.
An American CEO gets paid 300 times what the average worker does. That is stealing and ungodly!/

That's generally due to the Federal Reserve and rootless international, cosmopolitan bankers and Jews.  They're constantly inflating the stock market, booming and busting it while seeking to create wars.  As the process continues to go on, they will eventually monetize the entire world and Ovadia Yosef's prophecy about the Jews being the Master Race will seemingly come true. 

Regardless, it is not due to working class Whites having natural property rights.

/And the corporate welfare is humongous in the States!!
I would be in great trouble if I lived in the US. Having many sicknesses, that demand expensive medication, I would be living on the street, without food./

You'd be in even worse shape in Liberia with the cannibal warlords.

So..... what are you Swedes doing? 

/ Or alternatively, dead. Because half of your politicians (guess which half) chooses to cut every benefit there is for the poor!! /

We're wandering all around now.  That's fine.  But JP Morgan's food stamp business here seems to be doing fairly well, actually.  The other day I saw a documentary about a surfer bum in California living on food stamps and he was grilling lobster on the beach.  And a major problem for the poor in America, especially African Americans, is obesity.  So it would seem that many benefits are not being cut that much.

Although one could look at it this way, if the White men that are being targeted by other ethnic groups (La Raza, Jewish Federation, Arab Institute, NAACP, etc.) ever stop inventing enough technology and creating enough wealth to feed the morbidly obese poor people more and more... well, at least the poor have enough fat saved up for the lean years that are most likely ahead.   Zero has been done about usury and the Liberty Bell cannot be rung, etc.

Anyway... what are you talking about specifically in reality?  Half of what you're saying here seems to be psychological stuff about caring that happens to suit who you are racially.   

Perhaps you're saying that Republicans serve bankers by spending debt/money into existence out of nothing on wars?  Yeah.  Did someone here deny that?  Is everyone here a Republican because that's the de facto political party for White men to supposedly have representation in America, provided they're totally servile to Zion?  I don't know.  Regardless, the current entertainer in chief serves international bankers too by trying to spend debt/money into existence out of nothing based on "caring"/"war one women"/Left pillar type marketing. 

That's where "too big to fail" Jamie Diamond got his new cuff links with the presidential seal of approval on them, not the Republicans.

But here's the too big to fail question... do you and Obama and the "sex in the city" vote actually care or is this just more entertainment and marketing based on pathological altruism? 

If you care then it seems to me that you'd care enough to seek the truth about what's happening around you instead of just going with gay "Ma, ma, moo, me, me..." stuff.  (And then perhaps hiding in your identity as a "patronized" or "victimized" woman when how you are behaving is pointed out.)   It's not enough to simply "care" and cry and empathize. 

One has to care and love God and others enough to submit to logic and truth in all things first.  

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