Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Dutch (???) guy... random comment

The United States is, just like 50 years ago, number one in a great many indicators. But where 50 years ago, these indicators were positive, like GDP, productivity, health, the indicators in which they nowadays lead, are all negative.

Greatest income and wealth disparity (Russia is not far behind on this one), infant mortality highest in the West, worst health, most obesity, by far most incarcerations etc. etc.

It used to be a given in the Conspiracy scene that the United States was the NWO's main TARGET. Nowadays, the uninitiated in the Alternative Media seem to think the US Empire IS the NWO.

Nonsense, of course. The Money Lenders are just about done gutting the dollar and when the Fed will be forced to resume QE, when the next round in the crunch comes, the dollar will tank and this has been the plan for decades now.

And with the dollar depreciating 50 or 75%, US GDP per capita figures will transpire to be not much better than those of Brazil or China. The same goes, to a lesser extent, for their vassals in Europe.

Meanwhile, Putin is not at all particularly worried about Russian Sovereignty. No, he wants Globalism, but with a decent seat for Russia at the table. Russia is loyal member of all Globalist institutions and building quite a few of their own.

Sure, Russia is doing a little better than under Yeltsin, that much is clear. But the peasants are so easily contented.....just give them a few more wodkas and an enemy against which they can unite, and they claim 'progress' and 'restoration'.

People simply don't understand what kind of life would be possible for all 7 Billion of us, should we just end Usury and are easily sent packing with the crumbs the uber wealthy scoffingly throw at them. --Anthony Migchels

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