Friday, May 08, 2015

The Farce Is With US: Episode White Storm Trooper

(Perhaps a few freedumb fries eating numb skulls that like preemptive wars and drone strikes to keep America as a nation "safe" could consider it a preemptive kick to the face without trial?  Isn't assassinating American citizens without trial... debatable?  This was just a kick in the face!  But there I go again, apparently rambling in order to try to look at reality as a whole blows your minds, etc.)  

With respect to the "broader issues" that this is really about anyway...  come on guys, seriously...  aka the culture why wasn't Webster made into scape goat to calm down black criminals and black mobs before?    Wouldn't that have made more sense than waiting and then doing this, almost as a reward for turning their behavior patterns of mob violence and criminality into "civil rights" protests?   Apparently they should just turn all of their criminal behavior into a civil rights protest or a protest of some sort and call it a day.

What are they protesting for or against, exactly?  If there are less police, then they'll engage in gang violence and kill each other along with any other ethnic group silly enough to be three.  But if there are more police, then it's a police state.  

Personally, I'm beginning to think that we should direct Joe Biden's "unrelenting stream" of immigration to be all Chinese.  Then they can have "jobs saved and created" policing black people and the headlines that could result:

(Chinese Man Shoots Unarmed Black: Trending, International Incident!)
(Gun Shoots Itself, Chinese Policeman Killed:  What Can Americans Do About Gun Violence?)
(Rampant Chinese Racism:  What Can Be Done?)
(Report on Chinese Police Departments and Racism: More Diversity Needed)
(Guns Shooting, More Gun Violence: Is There Enough Gun Control or Not Enough Chinese Police?)

(Chinese Police Too Racist:  Police From Iceland Being Trained)

Apparently this is what happens when brain dead people play pretend about what is occurring right in front of their eyes.  It's highly amusing in some ways.  But it's also destructive and not really doing anyone any good.      

You guys still haven't made any predictions about how a modern "civil rights"/"blacklivesmatter" movement merged with multiculturalism (I.e. an absence of homogenous ethnic nationalism combined with ethnic incitement...  more white genius!) and immigration will turn out in America.  How will it promote the general welfare?  What will the trends be in the future? 


In any event, I reject the idea that Mr. Webster should have to pay for your DUMB reality show and denial of the existence of race when it suits you.  He's probably already paid far more than his fair/white share of it. 

So full circle, I'll be his defense lawyer and Ayotte (ethnic name, garlic seller?) or Mr. Moseley can be the prosecutor. 

Is there a crowd funding campaign for him yet?  I could start it and put in more than any of you...  all three of you.  ;-)

Sounds like a real criminal, almost like a heroin dealer... just kidding:
Margaret Dobek said she has been Webster's next-door neighbor for more than 10 years.

"I was really shocked when I read about it in the paper. When I saw it, I said, 'Is that him next door?' I couldn't believe it."

Neighbors said Webster has two school-aged children and described him and his wife as polite.

"If I needed help, I know I could depend on him," Dobek said. "When my husband passed away last year, he came over and asked me if there was anything he could do to help."

Dobek recalled him shoveling the snow from her driveway whenever she needed.

"It is a shame what they are doing to him. To me, he is a very good person," said David Hobbs, who lives two houses down from Webster. "I don't understand why it is going forward. It is almost like double jeopardy."  Delaware Online
  You're really cleaning up the streets, one criminal at a time... Delaware Politics. 

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