Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Meh.. hopium smoker from Sweden...

/Oh, many white men DO care! The right-wingers don´t care!/

The Republicans don't care... and it makes no differences if the owners of America call their plans to force more people to get incorporated in their global financial ponzi schemes "Romneycare" or "Obamacare."  They do not care about much but the foreign/international private banking cartel that they all work for.   That's probably all that can be said.

You should probably take note since you're becoming more multicultural just like America.  Regardless of the pathologies of some White women that don't care about their own people as a group, it may still be more and more difficult to get people to care the less they are ethnically homogenous. If it looks like foreigners are coming in to take advantage of their attempts to care for each other, the less that anyone but pathological and/or single White women with a need to vent their caring regardless of reality will care.

What does Barbara CARE about as she works to create multiculturalism in Sweden? 

Apparently she cares about her own nation that isn't multicultural.  Indeed, they have built concentration camps for Africans there.  Looks like pathological tribalists/Zionists are on a collision course with pathological altruists from nations like your own.  You'll probably learn more about that soon if you're paying attention. 

Consider that neither of you are correct. 

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