Thursday, February 09, 2017

Why bother? Just a habit of processing my thoughts with text, I guess...

"....53% of WW voted for the guy who said “bad hombres”." 

Apparently their future and continued existence as an ethnic group is more important than the anti-white/feminist/LGBT/abortion suicide cult that you people have been cultivating for European Americans.  It may even get worse for you people in the future as the white women that you intended to colonize and integrate with other ethnic groups get married and have children.  Natal = National. 

Your degeneracy sounds better to white women as a play or a romance.  Back in reality, your lust for integration with 50 shades of Muslim patriarchy to replace the white men/"patriarchy" that you just tried to transgender/neuter doesn't actually work.

But since these are psychological and biological dynamics, you people don't care if the work of our ancestors begins to burn in the background... including European democracy.   So go walk around with a vagina on your head and pretend that you don't want to be grabbed and colonized by a strong white man instead of being colonized by 50 shades of Other groups.  It's a hysterical sight. 

Apparently you're going for 100% support by white men for the other political party.  Great job.  

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