Monday, February 13, 2017

Economic unions vs. national or Constitutional unions?

Be a better video if he mentioned that the Jews caused the great depression and wouldn't let up on the "goyim"/unclean nations until the "Nazis" issued their own currency based on the labor of their nation/race, etc. Then the Jews incited WWII on the rubble of WWI and got their Zionist state out of it, etc.

And by "the Jews" I don't mean the Jewish peasants caught up in the whirlwind sown by their oligarchic elites.  (Supposedly their sacred six million number that died in a Holocaust/sacrifice that justifies the creation of a racial/ethnic state, etc.)  I mean "the Jews" that actually did it all, including agitating for a boycott "Judea Declares War on Germany" and then supporting WWII from all their prominent positions of influence, wealth and power in order to keep their wealth and power once Germans resisted them.  (Largely out of desperation...)

Because if one nation issues their own currency debt and interest free based on nationalism, then all the "goyim"/nations may get the same idea.  (The ironic thing about America and European Americans is that they have the Constitution sitting right there in front of them. Simple minded Saxons like Ezra Pound said, I guess... now their elites are giving everything up.  Their heritage.  Their country.  Their ethnic identity.  All of it.  Everything has essentially been sold to the Jews that maintain their own identity while turning America into soup, a "melting pot" as the Jews put it.)

Globalist Jews diversified and integrated all the nations/races (They have a fetish for that, from their elites on down.) in purely economic unions of "diversity" to the point that no Western nation/ethnic group can take control of their own money now.   Supposedly.  That was the conscious or subconscious goal of the anti-nationalist/"anti-Nazi" Tribe.    But I think they may be wrong, no matter how many shabbos goyim/freemasons they have and so forth.  It's right there in their own tribal mythology, as the Golem turns on its creator.   It's a method of using proxies that usually goes wrong.  After all, one of their economic unions managed by Masons incorporated in "globalism" went wrong in 1776.  And their typical method of governing by proxy (Donors, as Trump puts it.) has gone wrong many other times throughout history (Andrew Jackson, etc... and possibly Trump now if they keep messing with him enough).

So it's probably in the process of going wrong again now. Their candidate lost recently and they didn't get the expansion of the international economic unions (Full of diversity/an inability to unite against them.) and the forms of ethnic/racial/national integration that Jews have a fetish for creating.

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