Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Ramble 2/1

You may still have a small window of opportunity due to Trumpism and Jewish media outlet like Breitbart and the rest of what is considered to be the alternative media with Jewish editors, Jewish producers, Jewish reporters like Drudge Report that did the Lewinsky/"another Esther" to stop "another possible Haman"/Clinton, etc.

Most white people don't understand what the vast majority of Jews (and therefore media outlets like the NYT) tried to do to them, based on your view of them as "Nazis" and future domestic terrorists. People like you that have absorbed a Jewish view of whites/"Nazis" by osmosis have already tried to push transgenderism on my son. You already tried to give white boys a "community" as LGBT while dissolving their real community as people of European descent. You already celebrated Clock Boy when he brought a hoax bomb to school while suspending a little "future terrorist Nazi" white boy for chewing a pop tart into the shape of a gun.

And on and on it goes in your culture. You already viewed our sons as future domestic terrorists long before we began to fight back against you people. We didn't even know why we were being attacked as "Nazis"/"racists" all the time, when our grandparents killed the Nazis. But now we know. Many white people still don't realize what has been done yet. But what you people have already done and are currently trying to do based on your xenophobic perceptions of my son/all little white boys as "possible Nazis" is not to be taken lightly.

I don't know why I bother with Jewish owned media like the NYT, thoroughly Judaized from the top down and mediated through an internal ethnic lens. We're creating our own media outlets now, etc. You're still back on Breitbart/Trumpism. Lol.

Those minor Jewish and Zionist/Bannon corrections to junk media outlets like this... and everyone gets hysterical?

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