Thursday, February 09, 2017

There will be blood. After all, there already is.’s true that white people (including liberal white people) don’t like living among blacks. White people across the political spectrum also don’t like sending their kids to school with blacks. There’s a myriad of reasons for this (like the racist notion of not wanting to be murdered and raped), but they’re irrelevant.
If these black snowflakes are so intimidated by lil’ Ralphie’s white gaze, wouldn’t separation into different homelands allow them to sleep at night? Wouldn’t it end all racism for good? Dear Black People, let’s work together to emancipate you from our racism!
The IntellNigentsia says no. The Jewish bully pulpit is not for Louis Farrakhan or Marcus Garvey, or any other black striving for liberation through racial separation – it is for psychologically demented mulattoes who hate and want to physically harm white people as a class, while also demanding the government legislate to box us in with them. Their real intent is to force you to play racial/political Twister with them to test the limits of your patience, and every one of their grievances is purposely ridiculous so that the average dumb black is in a permanent state of incitement no matter what whitey does to better their conditions.
These college campus useless naggers won’t personally fight you, but that doesn’t apply to the violent ghetto blacks they call on to pogrom white students Temple University style. This is precisely the goal of films and now TV shows like “Dear White People.”

Daily Stormer

I half expect a (((NYT))) headline of:  "Judea Declares War on Trump's Family" next.... 

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