Thursday, February 09, 2017

Comment, doesn't even matter...

"(((Blumenthal))) told Cooper in an interview that after Gorsuch confessed he found the tweets troubling, (((Blumenthal))) urged him to voice his concerns publicly."

I'll bet he did.

But like the rest of their hysteria, it generally doesn't matter.

Every time Trump criticizes Muslims or judges/"brothers and sisters in robes" pushing for Islamic colonization based on an anti-white culture.... Trump's poll numbers will go up. Well, not the poll numbers according to "the media"/friends of people like Blumenthal that have their own ethnic state. (With huge "intolerant" walls, etc...)

But his actual support in the country, as well as his support of the people in uniforms despite all the recent (((calls))) for a coup and so forth. That's why he won the election, despite all their lies. And despite Glenn Beck too...

We're being diversified, colonized and replaced while "conservative" media outlets like the Blaze twiddle their thumbs or worse, are incited by people like Blumenthal to fight against the resistance.

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