Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Great comment...

How interesting that it should happen to be (((Simon Wiesenthal))) who fabricated the admitted hoax about "5,000,000" "Holocausted" non-Jews. Even mainstream sources recognize that Simon Wiesenthal was a "liar and a fraud", who lied about nearly everything in his life. He had numerous contradictory versions of his wartime exploits, which are so far fetched that they are virtually a benchmark test of gullibility.

However, as Andrew observes, if the Jews are willing to lie about millions of fictitious dead because the lie benefited the Jews, then the Jews are willing to lie about millions of fictitious dead because the lie benefited the Jews.

And significantly, the Jews collectively, almost to a man, connived with the proven liar Wiesenthal and promoted his lie(s), because they knew their tribe would benefit from the deception. The Jews who admitted that the "Holocaust" is a hoax, such as Roger Dommergue and Gerard Menuhin, can just about be counted on the fingers of one hand. (David Cole can't really be included now, since he claims limited gassings did occur.)

Gives you some idea why they all wind up lying about 911 and the JFK assassination, basically wherever there's a so-called "conspiracy theory" that just won't seem to die.  It's usually because it's them.  Like a political party that's based on tribalism, they don't have to organize and meet.  And just like Hillary Clinton got in trouble for trying to point to a "vast right wing conspiracy" instead of just describing tribalism in some other way, "conspiracy theorists" have to be careful of asserting that there are some "Protocols of the Elders of Zion."  Because Jews can honestly laugh at that, just like Republicans could honestly laugh at Clinton.

Because there are no meetings of the Tribe just like there are no meetings of a political party/tribe, except when there are.  And when there are, they're often sitting right there in front of you or it's public.  So you don't need to engage in "conspiracy theorizing" of any sort, no matter how reasonable it may be to infer that they're having private meetings too. 

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